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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Four Brothers
Eyeing the West!

Year after year passed, the only thing that changed was their ages. Hope was hanging by a slender thread and they feared that hoping one more time would cause the thread to break and hope would disappear forever.

So the days went by accepting what ever came, without any resistance necessary to make change.

A brother-in-law had migrated west to California and was prospering.  The knowledge of this caused George to think about doing likewise.  With scarcely enough funds to make it, he passed through the dust of Oklahoma and Texas, trekked across the arid land of New Mexico and Arizona and didn't stop until he was up to his neck in the Pacific Ocean, and could go no further.

He was rewarded for his effort by brother-in-law's vouching for him and getting him a job.  He went from a dollar a day to regular pay of six dollars a day for only eight hours a day.  As it so happened whether it was one dollar or six dollars George spent it all without saving any. He had never considered that you could save money; it was for spending and that was what he did.

During the next two years he enjoyed his prosperity with new friends both male and female.  And little by little other members of the clan migrated to the west and secured employment.  

George had several girls on the line and he rotated from one to another until he met this young Portuguese girl.  He soon let her know he wanted to have his way with her, but she refused to give in until he promised matrimony, soon.  

From that time he used her like a wife but she had the old country mentality she received from her parents and expected him to follow through on his promise.  The time came when she upped the pressured and wanted a date and place for the wedding. She had four big brothers and she let him know she would tell them what was going on and they would take it from there.
Well that was bad news for he knew he would be in big trouble if she did that. It wasn't that he was afraid to fight but he could see himself being held by two brothers while the other two stomped him.

As it so happened he had her regularly, and had begun to tire of her insistence they must get on with the wedding. 
Marriage was the main subject each time they met and it wasn't what he wanted to hear.  Besides that he was eyeing some other comely ladies that let him know that they were available.

For some reason out of the blue he got the hankering to go back to his country home down south and he secretly packed and caught the next train out of dodge so to speak.

His father was living in a house in town with some extra room and when he arrived he moved into one of the rooms and would be at the table when food was served.

So there he sat over two thousand miles from his former pesky girlfriend and he felt a great relief.

 To be Continued

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