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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Girls thinking they need to experience life !! So Sad

Being a player means you must have money.

Jobs have been spotty to say the least this week which means it’s either the rent or party time that is out for now.

The rent looms large for if I don’t pay up I will have to move back home and listen to what a failure I am and why don’t I settle down and find a good (there ain’t no such animal) wife.

These people don’t have a clue as to what it means to be a player. I have stature and a level of respect that other players have for me. Newbie’s are constantly coming to me for advice on how to be a top player in art of seduction.

Yeah art, that’s what it, is. I have taken “making” it with women to a higher level and the other players look up to me.

Here I am on the brink of having to move back home. And if I don’t show up at the club it would be a sign of “losing it” on the field of play. No shows are quickly written off and someone will take your turf.

Not only do the guys expect me to be in action the regular females also want me there to work the new ones that drift in looking for excitement.

They like to watch me work the ones who pretend to have a high moral standard and some who have been church goers, those are my specialty.

They have been held back by a set of rules and they want to kick over the chains and test the good life. So come on baby I’m waiting for you.

I have to get a little work for this week is passing. You have to prime the pump by buying the seekers a few drinks and my credit has maxed out. I got to have some dough.

The day Friday has come and I’m almost broke. I only have enough to buy two drinks if I don’t eat. Looks like my only hope is to go see Ma. I’ll tell her I’m sick and need to see a doctor for it’s serious this time. I’ll say I need cash for the doctor.  "Ma I might die if you don’t help me."

Yeah that ought to work, and then I’ll tell her I’m going to straighten out and move back home. Like all the suckers she likes to hear that get straighten up stuff.

The only downside to this is the sermon I know I will have to endure but I’ll just have to close my ears till it’s over. I’ve heard that stuff since I was a kid and the only good thing about it is it helps me understand what these church going girls are thinking and how to feed that wild side of them until they cut loose them restraints.

Looks like the usual crowd is here tonight and there are a few new ones which will make for a fun night. There are the newbie’s trying their hands and getting nowhere. I always laugh at them but at least there trying.

I think I’ve spotted my target for tonight. Those two have church written all over them. I’m ready for them; boy I’m ready for them. Look at them drinking their ginger ales.

Oh yeah, liquor ain’t going to touch these lips or so they think. I have all the answers for that so look out ladies for here comes yo man. They are ready made for me, trying to play a game they don’t understand how to play.

The only question is which one do I want to educate. Maybe the both of them, I’ve done it before.

I’ll saunter over and get them on the hard stuff. A couple of drinks will get us by the first line of defense and from there the next step will be to get them pay for our drinks the rest of the night.

From the looks of this pair the old divide and conquer method will be best. Make one mad enough to leave and then it will make the task easier dealing with only one of them.

I could have one of the other players take one of them but they would only mess it up for these women need my special technique. I’ve got to split these up soon for my pocket money is almost gone. Boy what pressure being low on cash puts on you.

As I figured about three drinks was all it took to get her ready for me to make my patent move on her. I’ll get her to pay for a couple more and we’re off to my room for some conversation.

After all she can’t go home until she sobers up a little. Afterward, I mean after she started to sober up and stop crying as she realized what happened, I put her in a cab and send her home. She was much wiser than before it only remains to be seen whether she learn her lesson or not.

I’m still the king and I know how to handle these religious women when their wild side raises it’s head.

I have to pack and head home and stay there until work picks up.

Hopefully I can make enough for the next weekend for I’m all tapped out with Ma.


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