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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 11

Mae needed to talk to Sharon
With a plan worked out for the kids getting to school Mae said there is something else I need to discuss with you about Sam and I am a little embarrassed to talk to you about it because you are his sister.
Sharon said, “I can understand that but I am probably the best person to confide in at this point.”
Mae said, “Sam has come a long way since we got married. He is coming out of is numbed out state and is beginning to respond the way a wife would want him to. He still has a little ways to go and I think he will need some help from someone besides me.”
Sharon said, “I know the feeling for Sam and I were as close as sibs could be. I am three years older than he and when we were little I watched over him but as we grew up he began to be my protector. This was especially when it came to boys. He threatened every boy I dated which kept many of them at bay.
When I finally met Zach the man I married it was some time before Sam accepted him.
We were married and Sam finally said, “I think you made a good choice he is a good man.”
“Sam wasn’t there when I lost Zach to the war for he was also off fighting. When he came home from the war, he wasn’t the boy I grew up with but someone I hardly knew.
I am thrilled he is on his way back to be the brother I knew. I have done all I can do and I understand your position. Sam is like someone who is trying to get out of a maze and there is still one more turn to make. He has to overcome the fear of making that last turn for if it is wrong he will be back where he started. This fear is amplified because he doesn’t want to lose you and the kids.
I will give you a number to call where Sam can get the help he needs. This man is an army psychiatrist that has dealt with this same type of mental blocks many times. It will be better for you to call than me for you are his wife.”
Mae said, “I will call as soon as we hang up.”
A week later there was an opening and they called Sam to come in.  The receptionist said, “It usually takes at least two months to get an appointment so you are lucky to get to see the best doctor on staff.”
Tell me What's Bothering You !
The doctor came in and after greeting Sam he said, “I have read your file and you have come a long way back but I want to know where you want to get to.”
Sam said, “I’m not sure.”
“Maybe that is your problem,” the doctor said.  You’ve been married only a short time and why did you get married if the first place?”
Sam said, “I’m not sure.”
Well you’re not sure about a lot of things so let’s see if we can find something you are sure of. Not withstanding you are not in your comfort zone completely let me ask, do you like being married.?”
Sam answered, “Yes.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I’m sure about that.”
“Do you like your kids?”
“I sure do,” Sam said.
“You have enough money?”
“Yes I have plenty.”
“Well do you know what your problem is?”
Surprisingly Sam said, “Yes, maybe not everything but the main thing.”
“Well come on, out with it so we can deal with it.”
To be continued

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