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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, May 30, 2014


William and Lettie had been a couple for two years and had avoided heavy petting because of what it could lead to.  They both believed that fornicating was taboo and were willing to do things God’s way.
While William never came out and proposed to Lettie they had talked about marriage on numerous occasions. It seemed that when the time came - eventually they would head for the altar and start their lives together.
William was shocked to receive a letter from her because they always talked on the phone or in person.  The letter was brief and to the point.

Dear William

I am sorry to have to tell you but I have met someone else and we are soul mates. I have never felt this way before and the way he talks to me it seems he knows what I want to hear. You are a good man but he is wonderful. We plan to move in together and be married someday. Don’t feel too bad for there is another girl out there somewhere for you and I hope you can be as happy as I am.

Your friend, Lettie

I am always calm on the outside but inwardly this shook me up. My Lettie, gone just like that. How did she find time to get involved with a stranger for we spent most of our free time together? The sorry feeling hadn’t had time to set in but anger was present and I felt it strongly.

A bit of rage rose up and I felt like injuring the guy for I had taken martial arts since a young boy. They taught restraint in such situations.
The same Bible that taught no sex before marriage also spoke of an eye for an eye and I was about ready to dot the guy’s eye for him.
I realized that the restraint the Bible places on a Christian can cause then to be less exciting than the whoremongers who sweet talk these silly women but that is the way the world has been since the fall.

I could have spiced up our romance with those little lies she probably fell for but I wouldn’t do that because it is total deception though it plays well. I can’t bring myself to wish her well because the whole thing is wrong even though it is acceptable in so many circles. I wrote back to her and simply stated:
“Lettie, Thank you for the information.” Bill

I felt there wasn’t any need to say more for nothing I felt like saying would have been edifying.

Three months later I bumped into her at the mall and as I turned away she came over and pulled on my arm and said, “Aren’t you going to say hello.”

I said, “Hello,” and started to walk away when she grabbed me again and started to use words we never used between each other all the time we were a couple.

I said “Excuse me I’m leaving,” and she got boisterous and insisted I talk to her.

I tried to walk away when someone (her boyfriend I think) came up and grabbed me and started to try to shake me. I gave him a fore finger to the chest over the heart and it all but paralyzed him.

Lettie looked stunned for her man was reputed to be one tough guy and here he was, whipped with one finger. As I walked away I couldn’t help but think that she had changed so much in a short time.

Rejecting God’s way really makes a difference. Her dress with its plunging neck line and the short skirt was showing more of her than I had ever seen before. Oh well, "C'est la vie" this is the life with all its surprises.

Perhaps one thing I should mention is once the word got out that Lettie had dumped me (a very unkind expression) my phone has been ringing with girls calling me and wondering if I was available. I went out with a few of them (several Christians among them) and while I had to try to cool some of them off there were a couple who were satisfied not to be mauled.

I came out and told all of them I needed to finish my education more than I needed a girlfriend. Most acted ugly and felt rejected but I couldn’t help that for I just told them the truth.

One girl, Joan wasn’t dismissed so easy and she said she understood but it wouldn’t hurt to have a friend would it.

I had to say, “Yes a friend should be okay.” She said, “Alright it’s settled we are friends and can go around together.”

I said, “Okay Joan, I guess it will be alright but no attachments or the friendship is over, you got that?”

“I got it she said but sometime you may get over the Lettie hurt feelings and things may change… that is possible isn’t it?”

I thought, “She has a way of getting her way when you are against it.” I said, “Okay we’re friends but just remember what I said.”

I was thinking, “She thinks she is so smart… I’m too smart for her and have no intention to get involved with her beyond friendship.”

As the days went by I fully expected her to try to warm up to me and start holding hands or something but she kept her distance and this began to irk me. There were girls coming up to me and rubbing against me while she was smiling at me and I didn’t like that one bit.  I thought she should show some sign of being jealous but no, not a trace.

I wondered why she hung out with me, what was wrong with me that she wasn’t turned on a little.

The senior dance was coming up with my four years degree to follow shortly. I asked if she was going to the dance with anyone and she said, “I think so but he hasn’t asked me yet.”

“Well he’s asking you now so what about it?”

She grinned at me and said, “Why sure… friend!”

The night of the dance I gave her a corsage as I picked her up from the dorm and she was beautiful. She always dressed down and her hair was in a bob so I never thought much about her looks one way or the other for after all we were only friends.

While I don’t say anything thing changed right then and there but there was something in the air. She realized it also and began take my arm and become more what you might call chummy.

Maybe it was the good night kiss after the dance that did it. She knew she could begin to reel me in for my resistance was all but gone.

Then something unexpected happened. I received a letter from Lettie and it said;

Dear William

I hesitated to write you but because of our long friendship I thought you might understand. I have been dumped by my live in boyfriend and I was wondering if we could meet and talk over old times.

She said I must be honest I have no attachments now. I got pregnant but took care of it so I’m free. We were never married, it wasn’t something he wasn’t interested in. I remember how close we were and believe we could be that way again. If you aren’t interested then don’t answer this letter or call me. I love you Lettie.

I showed the letter to Joan and she read it over a couple of times. She said, “That poor girl is older and wiser now.

She has to know there is no eraser for mistakes made in life. There is in reality perhaps forgiving but there is no forgetting for the hurt and scars remain. She is trying to get a fresh start but she comes with a lot of baggage. Are you going to answer her?”

I said, “No, she is yesterday news and I am not interested in old news.”

She said, “Looks like you have buried that part of your life for good and now it’s time for you to move on. That thing has been hovering over you in the present when it should have been in the past… are you ready to move on?”

“Yes I said; will you marry me?”

She laughed and said with a twinkle in her eye, “I thought you never would ask.
My answer has been there waiting from the time we first met. YES.” 

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