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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, May 23, 2014


(Prior to a new continued story here is a short muse !)
Welcome to my secret world
Living in My Secret World

My secret world is a place where no one is allowed.

Its not that I wish to be exclusive, it’s a matter of that is the way it is. This is where my real world is.

What people see is a pick and chose process I allow a few people in.

In order to function in the world around me there has to be a certain amount of control exercised in this secret world. There are beasts that must be kept in chains of restraint for full liberty will destroy every relationship I treasure.

Perhaps the list is only partial but Pope Gregory wrote about the "Seven Deadly Sins" which included pride, gluttony, envy, lust, anger, greed, and laziness.

I’m sure there are others that must be controlled. Each of these sins are unprofitable because if they were allowed to become extreme someone would suffer.

Gluttony starts with our daily need for food as envy is desire run amok.

Ambition can cause me to excel but can walk all over others when not controlled.

This secret world is where I become the person others either love, hate, or are passive about for they do not consider me to be a person of necessity in their life. I have experienced the latter too often to be happy about it.

When I recognize that attitude being expressed toward me I then try to compensate or retaliate and get even.

Within my secret world I can do the things I would like to do but out of fear of rejection and retaliation it remains unexpressed and hidden away. Though hidden away it still gives me some comfort and pleasure.

When in the secret place I can have any relationship I wish. The one I chose is at my beck and call and responsive to my every wish. All this is in my secret world.

I find pleasures unobtainable in what is called my real world and they are without strife and distresses. I find it difficult to talk about this world to others for they don’t understand or they feel vulnerable and fear they might reveal some of their own secrets.

I must go for I just had an idea that has great possibilities, that and I want to let you get back to your SECRET WORLD.   ENJOY


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