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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Maria and Paco lived Happily After
 After they were married Maria told the two boys to go visit her sister their aunt for ten days and then come back.

During the ten days they got to know each other in a different way and Paco was ever so happy with his new bride.

Maria hadn’t had a man for ten years and needed time to adjust like any bride and didn’t want the boys around while she did. The sum of this was: he was ecstatic with her and she was pleased with him which was the ingredients for a happy marriage.

It took Maria, Paco and the two sons two weeks to put everything in place for the new Cantina, but finally it was ready for the grand opening.

They were lucky to have a high water table and they dug a well as deep as they could due to the water rising in it.  Then they stored the beer in the dug well to insure it was the coldest beer around.

Maria hired a couple of young girls to help with the cooking and serving. She set it up where everyone would have to come to the counter to get their order. This kept the men from trying to put their hands on the girls.

She also warned the girls not to flirt with the men.

Grrr like to stay in the kitchen for he often would get some extra food if it hit the floor. The food was spicy hot but that didn’t bother Grrr for he loved it. It went with the meanness he possessed when he was angry.

Outside of an occasional over imbiber everything went without a hitch. The only problem they had to face was another Cantina wanted them to sell their place to them.

Since they had a good living with their Restaurant and bar they refused to sell. A few weeks’ later one night four roughians came in and started to bother the customers.

Paco was washing dishes but went out and told the men to stop bothering the customers. They all four attacked Paco and he fought back as well as he could.

One took a knife out and proceeded to try to cut Paco. He did cut him a couple times while the others were still beating on him.

Maria came flying out from behind the counter with a large knife and started to stab the men while Grrr began to rip the flesh from the men with every bite.

One of the girls brought one of Paco’s guns and each man received one shot while two of them got two.  

After it was over the customers who ran out came back in and one said he had a wagon. He said put them in my wagon and I will take care of them.

The boys had arrived from picking up some more supplies and helped the girls with the cleanup. In a few minutes the place was as good as ever except for a damp spot on the floor.  Maria gave everyone a free cerveza and everyone was happy.

They were saying it was the best fight they had seen in years. Paco was up early the next morning and strapped both of his guns on with his large knife.

He went to visit the owner of the other Cantina who sent the men to wreck Maria’s place.

Their place never opened again and for that matter no one ever saw the owner again. The next night the place burned down. The people just watched it burn without trying to put the fire out.  It seemed there was a lot of anger in the customers because of what happened at Marie’s place.

Things went well for Maria and Paco. The biggest problem she was having was her own boys as they wouldn’t leave the girls who worked for Maria alone. She was after the two of them to behave but to little avail.

She told Paco to do something but he said, “You have a couple of normal boys what would you have me do to them? My knife is sharp I could alter them but I’d rather not do that. Then no girl would ever want them.”

Maria said, “Don’t you touch my boys ever.”

Paco said, “Good, but if you really want to know, these girls keep doing things on purpose to excite them.”

She said, “Have them come in here and I’ll straighten them out right away.”

Paco said, “Leave them along let them have their fun for soon they will have to face life with all its challenges. I think what we need to do is to forget about them and concentrate on us for a while.”

Maria said, “I think perhaps you are right.”


      * * *


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