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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 7

Yes, I Can Cook !!

Sammie said, “Do you cook?”

She said, “When I get a chance to.”

He said, “I will leave it up to you to plan the menus and it will leave me to do the work I have to do.”

She said, “Fine breakfast in thirty minutes and then I will get the kids up.”

Sam said, “After they eat I want to show them around the place (and you too) so they can start to get acquainted with their new home.”

Mae called Sammie to breakfast and he said, “After lunch we will go to town and get everything you and the kids need.”

She said, “Do you have a lot of money?”

He said, “No, not a lot but I have enough to support a family; why do you ask?”

She said, “I don’t want to spend more than I should so let me know when enough is enough.”

“You buy what ever you need and then treat yourself to something special if you want it. Now that I look at you, you are a pretty woman you just need a little fixing up and I will have to be on guard to keep the men away from you.”

No one had ever talked to Mae like that. She had always been talked to like she was worthless.  It was only her strong will that had kept her going.

After breakfast Sam took Abby and Jay around to see the animals. Jay said his favorite was the dog. He and Shep got along right off.

Abby favored the lambs most of which had been dropped a short time ago. Sammie told the kids the animals served a purpose and not to get too friendly with them.

There was only one horse on the place for Sammie said he did everything with machinery. He said the horse was gentle enough for them both to ride him and of course they wanted to ride right now. After he showed them all around and did the daily chores of feeding and cleaning it was time to eat.

Sammie said, “We should go to town and have lunch there and then do the shopping.”

After they had some burgers and malts Sam took the kids and bought some farm supplies while Mae picked up the things she needed.

When they got home she wanted to show Sam what she had bought and tell him how much they cost. Outside of a couple of dresses it was mostly lingerie.

Like this One??
She was in a good mood so she said, “Do you want me to model this stuff?”

 He said, “Maybe the dresses.”

She said, “Nothing else?”

He beginning to blush and said, “Maybe later.”

He thought, “She is full of fun but I just am not in to that still, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.  She has had enough of that during her young life.”

He mused, “There is nothing worse that for a hot blooded woman to suffer rejection but…”

She interrupted his thoughts by showing him how one of her new dresses looked on her. He had to admit she was desirable to look at.

After saying some nice things about her purchases he said, “I have some chores to do before supper,” and headed out to the barn.

She called out to him, “I’ll have the food on the table in an hour.”

Later Sam played some games with the kids till their bedtime and Mae put them to bed.

Sam thought it is quite a routine they have to go through.  Getting dressed in their PJs, brushing the teeth, and going to the toilet among other things. 

 To be continued


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