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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, May 25, 2014


This could be a true short story and will be shared at "Tell Me a Story Blog Hop."  My next continued story will begin soon.

I looked out the window and saw little Charlie a doing something he oughtn’t so I tell’s him to come in a here.
When he’s in I tells him, “I see’d what you am a doing and some ones else am see’d you to. Now let me tell you child dis stuff you am a dong ain’t going unnoticed and the piper is going to demand his payment.
Amd dat’s duh day “Them chickens is a coming home to roost.”

“Wat you mean chickens coming home? Dem chickens ain’t gone nowhere except’in in the pot on Sunday.”
“Oh yes little Charlie des different kind of chickens.”

“What kind dem chickens is grandma?”
“Oh my little Charlie, des chickens is the kind called paybac.”

“Wat you mean “paybac?”
“You see the big black book on the shelf, it tells yo all about paybac.”

“How I’m gonna know about dis paybac, I can’t read.”
“Some day yo can an then you better read cause then yo got respoibility. It tells you how yo got to live in order to keep dem chickens away.”

“What do it say grandma?”
“It says everything dat am important.”

“Like what grandma?”
“Lik what you sow is what you get.”

“Do the chickens come home when I get it grandma?”
“Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. it pends on what yo sow.”

“Yo mean if I sow the wrong stuff the chickens show up?”
“Yes dat’s about it.”

“How I’m gonna know what to sow grandma?”
“Yo got to read the big book to learn.”

“Grandma yo better read duh book to me until I learn how myself.”
“I guess yo right Charlie, if I don’t learn yo about the right seed den how yo gonna know.

Yo got to learn the ten rules of sowing first Charlie caus’un if yo know dem and do them yo can’t go wrong but if yo mis one of dem yo is in trouble. Then yo gonna have a troubling mind.”

“What’s a troubling mind grandma?”
“Oh my laddie uh troubling minds don’t never let yo rest.”

“Not ever grandma?”
“No not til yo make it right.”

“How I’m gonna do dat grandma?”
“Well it depends on the chicken.”

“What yo mean on the chicken?”
“Look out in the yard, how many kinds of chicken we got.”

“A whole bunch grandma, red ones white ones. speckled ones big one, small ones, all kinds grandma.”
“It depends on which rule you don’t keep which chicken come home.”

“Are yo sure dem the right rules grandma?”
“Oh yes chile dem are the right ones alright.”

“Grandma jus posin I forgot one of dem rules an messed up (I ain’t yo know, jus posin) then what I gonna do?”
“Lik I said it depends on which one.  Jus suposin yo forgot the biggest one, the first one then yo in big trouble.”

“How I’m gonna fix dat?”
“First chile you gotta know dat even if someone loves you dey can get mad at yo. But if you straighten up and do right that is the first step, that is after yo say I’m sorry for messing up and ain’t gonna do it again.

Chile I ain’t got no more time right now cause I gotta cook. Tomorrow I will tell you some more cause yo gotta know it all to keep them chickens away.”

“Oh lawd grandma I gotta learn dem rules quick caus’in I don’t want dem chickens coming to roost.
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