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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 3

With her hair dyed Red
even her kids did not know her
“Am I interested?  You bet! You know in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have thought of something like this,” said Carmi.  “Can’t you find me someone who isn’t or hasn’t been… in therapy,”
Sharon finished her question, “You have to realize he has just been in recovery from something far worse than anything you have seen in the hood.  On a daily basis he knifed, shot, or blew people apart with explosives with blood and body parts that had landed on him he had to scrape off.”

Carmi said, “Sounds like that dude isn’t human any longer.”

Sharon said, “Make up your mind for I have a body to dispose of and a new identity to create if you’re interested.”

“Wow, I have just one question, how far does this marriage thing go?”

“Well I’m glad you asked that question for that is something I can’t answer except to say before Sammie went into the army he was a normal male but after all the trauma I don’t know if he will be interested in a woman that way.”

Carmi said, “Boy that is something and a relief if he isn’t interested.” Sharon said, “You have been with more than one man so you shouldn’t be too worried about the way it goes.”

Carmi said, “I told you it was always a case of being forced and I’m afraid the same thing will happen again if I don’t get out of here, now.”

“At this point I would say that is the least of your worries. Let’s focus on the things we know you will be expected to do.  Do you know how to keep a clean house?”

Carmi started to speak but Sharon said, “The place you live in is a pig sty.”

Carmi said, “That isn’t my fault, I clean every day but my brother and his thugs mess everything up and leave it.”

Sharon said, “In any case here is a book on how to maintain a clean environment and demands to make on those who live there. Now what about cooking?”

Carmi said, “I’ve cooked since I was seven because of mom not being able to. Then I took a cooking class at school when I went.”

“Okay if we are in agreement we have a big day tomorrow so here is a list of things for you to do starting with this evening. Starting this evening you will be known as Lorna. You will not return home to get anything.”

“But, Carmi said, “I need my clothes and I have some money hidden away…and …”  

Sharon interrupted and said, “Take nothing. It must look like you were dead unexpectedly. I have already retrieved Lorna’s clothes and more stuff than you had including some money. Tonight she will be gone to ashes and tomorrow I will pick up the children and we leave for a town four hundred miles from here.

It will seem small but there is everything you will need there. You will stay here tonight with me and I don’t want any slip ups so no phone calls.”

That night Sharon cut the new Lorna’s hair and dyed it a light shade of red. It made her look different, so different that with sun glasses on her kids didn’t recognize her at first then they boarded the train and headed south.

To be continued

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