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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chapter Eight and Addendum

This story is all here and NOT continued.
Be sure to read the Addendum
My continued stories will resume soon.

Girl with a Gun
The Unwritten Story

Below is a chapter of a story that will not be written.  One might ask why? The reason is simple, because it has already been written so many times.

It has been set in different times from the early 1900s and into the future. The result is always the same and easily recognizable.

Chapter Eight

At times he, Luis felt like little more than a flunkey for here again he was on his way to give Father Leon money for his services.

The son of a widow had suddenly appeared in the river after being missing for two weeks.  Father Leon would say comforting words and give assurances all was well with the soul of the departed. 

He and his under priests and Nuns ran the church, the school and more importantly for some, “The Soup kitchen.”  Father Leon didn’t like to take the money but felt he had to weigh the good against the bad and grudgingly would give in.

Luis the son of the kingpin of all the vice in the district wasn’t too happy with his lot, but on occasion would act like his father when dealing with a situation.

He hated the smell of the soup kitchen but was ordered to check on it once a week to make sure everything they needed was available. 

On this occasion he saw a girl who was working in the back helping to clean up and he felt he knew her from somewhere.  He couldn’t place her but she kept appearing in his thoughts. 

Even though she was dressed down he could tell she was shapely and very nice looking.  Her skin tone and facial features said she was Italian.  He wasn’t satisfied until he found out who she was and where she lived.

Luis spent hours trying to place her and didn’t understand why he should be so taken by her for there were other girls just as pretty and readily available.

After getting her phone number he finally got up the nerve to call her.  He made the call after seven in the evening and started off by saying, “You don’t know me, but my name is Luis…”  At that she cut him off and said,  “I know you.”

He said, “I think I know you and…” She cut him off again and said, “There is a café down the block from me and if you want to talk then meet me there in ten minutes.”

He said, “I know the place and I will be there for I have several questions to ask you.”

Arriving first, he sat in a booth in the rear of the restaurant.

She came in and went directly to the back after telling the counter man to bring her a cup of black coffee.  He started to introduce himself and try to break the ice with some inane prattle but when he looked at her facial muscles they were taut and not in the mood for wasted chatter.

She spoke and said, “You indeed know me.  We were in the same grade at St. Josephs.  You were two years older than me but you had been put back twice and were two grades back from where you should have been. 

Due to your fathers influence in the neighborhood you were the most popular boy in school.  All the girls were in love with you with me among them.  You asked me to go to the movies with you and after a lot of necking and the movie being over you took me into an alley and had your way with me. 
I tried to resist but you were too strong for me and because of all the kissing I thought you loved me so I gave in. 

Afterward I told my mother and father but they were afraid of your father so it was off to the convent for me.  I just returned a month ago after finishing school there.”

He started to say something… but she said, “Tell me you don’t remember that.”

He stumbled at trying to find some words that would defuse the conversation but was almost speechless for this wasn’t what he had in mind for the evening. 
When some kind of situation would arise that made him uncomfortable he would usually man up and take control but he was weakened by her accusation.

As his voice returned he was going to blame her and was thinking of several things to tell her like she asked for it and deserved what she got and to go on from there until he had beaten her down.

As he began his tirade she pulled a small caliber semi automatic from her sweater pocket and pulled the slide to load a bullet in the chamber.

His words stopped when he saw the gun.

She said, “This is for me.  She then pulled another identical weapon from her other pocket and said this one is for you.  She stood up and said, “Not now but soon. 

She went on and said. “By tomorrow everyone will know the details of what you did to me and that I have threatened you.  Your father may deal harshly with you before I do.  Your friends will see you in a different light from now on.”

As she put the loaded guns back in her pocket she repeated: “This one is for me and this one is for you.”

His apologies were lost on her as she left the café.

Luis thought to himself, “Now I remember her and everything about her.  I bragged about what I had done to everyone I knew and they considered her damaged goods.  She was constantly humiliated by boys hitting on her till she was sent away.

The humiliation must have been worse than the event.  This is hell, wondering if she was serious.  The words, "This one is for me and this one is for you," won’t allow me to have a minute’s peace.”




She slipped out the back door and Luis sat there for a long time just staring out into space as it were. Those stupid, idiotic words she said completely controlled his thinking day after day.

It was no big thing to him, he had taken so many women he couldn’t begin to remember them all. Most weren’t willing but he took them anyway. Here was this nothing, he wouldn’t be caught dead with, and she has his whole world turned upside down.

“One for her and one for me I’ll show her.  C’mon bitch! It will be your last day on earth and I might just do it to you again, what do you think about that.”

His ranting continued though he was all alone. It was a week later when he saw her again and she walked up after he had left the money at the mission and she just said “Soon.”  

After that he saw her each day though she never spoke she just pointed at her watch. It had come to the place where alcohol couldn’t drown out the words, “This one is for you, what did that mean?  Was he going to commit suicide, or was she going to shoot him and then herself.”

He asked his father to assign two body guards to protect him when he went out, because he said he was afraid someone would rob him when carrying money to the Padre.

He was feeling pretty good on the way home and then it happened. She walked up to him wearing an alluring dress and the body guards thought she was one of his girl friends. They walked on to give him some privacy.

She dropped her bag but had the two guns in her hands.  She said, “This one is for you,” and thrust the gun into his hand.

“It’s set to fire when you’re ready.”  As she backed off she slid the slide back and released it putting a bullet into the chamber of her gun.

Continuing to back off she raised her gun and aimed directly at him.

Thoughts were flying through his mind, “Self defense, I have witnesses who will back me up,” and without waiting he said “Here’s one for you and pulled the trigger”…
She wasn’t invited to the funeral so she stood afar off as the Padre spoke kindly of him.  There were several former girl friends that shed a tear or two and were comparing notes as they left speaking of him.

The woman finally had peace even though her life had been marred. She went back to the convent and donned her Habit and told the Mother Superior she was back after her leave of absence ready to assume her duties. Mother said, “Is everything taken care of?”

“Yes everything is finished.”

The police were investigating the happening and concluded the he fired a gun whose barrel was plugged and it exploded in his face when he fired it. They found another gun that had been stolen awhile back.

There were no prints on it; so they must have been wearing gloves when handling it and besides it hadn’t been fired recently.

The sergeant said, “Aw, just file the report in the unsolved files. No need for us to spend time on it for he used the one for him on himself.

 * * *

       This story is fictional, yet it could be true any day in your town.

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