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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 2

The Gang had Carmi
Under their Control
 “Hmmm, this poses a delicate answer is needed to a complicated problem. Let’s go over this again.

You need to get away from the gang that virtually keeps you in a captive sense. Someone is always watching you and ripping you off. How do you live with all this going on?  How do you think?
 Do you sell yourself? No. You must be selling something gang members are interested in. You are not doing something illegal are you?”

“You, my probation officer expect me to answer a question like that by saying yes?”

“No I guess not but let’s stop playing games now and if what you say is true you are as good as dead sooner or later.

I’ve seen it too many times. I’m disgusted with trying to keep you people on the straight and narrow when all you want is another fix.”

Carmi answered, “I had hoped you would help me instead of worrying about following rules made by people who understand nothing or care nothing about what I’m facing.”

Sharon said, “Let’s just suppose I had figured a way out for you and your kids would you be willing to follow my instructions completely and not deviate from them in any way?”

“Certainly I would, I would be crazy not to.”

“I think you might have answered a little too fast on that. I need you to think about some scenarios of things to do and then answer whether you would agree or not.

Suppose I asked you to take another’s identity for life? Would that be okay?

Suppose I asked you never to talk to any of your relatives again, how would that be?

To leave this area never to return, would that be okay?

Now think hard on this one. Including all of the things I just said add this;

To move in with a man just out of the nut house and take care of him at least until your kids are old enough to live on their own and then be free to do as you wish.”

Carmi said, “That sounds just about the same as I have now don’t it?”

“Well not exactly, hear me out. One of my parolees has just been fished out of the river and is hard to recognize. Besides that she has no relatives who will be seeking her out.

What I’m proposing is for you to take her identity and become her. I will notify your relatives to come and get your body and pay for the funeral or you will be cremated. What do you think they will do?”

“Do? they won’t do nothing.”

“That’s what I thought. Then the child care services will pick up your children except it will be me instead of child care and then you will be on your way out of here.”

“So far it sounds good but what about the nut case?”

“It’s not as bad as it might have sounded. There is this man, who actually is my brother who has been in the army and his duty required him to kill the enemy one on one. He was what is known as a tunnel rat.

After three years of doing nothing but crawling in those tunnels and killing the enemy in hand to hand combat, seeing his comrades being killed and being wounded several times himself, he cracked.

He has been in for treatment for two years but is now has return to society.”

“What you’re saying you want me to live with this nut case as man and wife and take care of him… there is got to be a better way.”

Sharon said, “I laid that scenario out just to test you and to see how serious your situation is. I think you have overstated and exaggerated the whole thing.”

Carmi said, “Now wait, you got to admit that what you laid out was scary.”

“I suppose, but let me assure you there will be no danger to you and your children for he is almost his sweet self he was before the war.

The question is; are you interested?”

To be Continued


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