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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 12

Say the Words - - It is important
“Alright you say you know what your trouble is so start talking.”

Sam thought, “Wow this guy doesn’t play games but cuts to the chase.”

“Okay as I see it my blockage now is; I’m not sure what to do. Not that I don’t know the mechanics; but how to establish a loving and long lasting beneficial relationship with Mae escapes me.”

The doctor said, “Well! That wasn’t easy to come out with but now the hard part is over. He said most men suffer from these feelings to one degree or another, does that surprise you?

The thing is they live their life out with feeling of Inadequacy. I’m going to give you the first step to success and then it will be up to you to make it work.  Here is a book that explains the how and the reasons of intimacy.”

Sam opened the book and after perusing a few pages he said, “This looks like a porn magazine.”

The doctor said; “Don’t be foolish! Once you have mastered the concepts shown here performance is assured. This is a complete study of the subject and if there are some things that you find distasteful and do not want to do, so don’t do them.

At a later time you might reconsider some of them but time will tell about that. If you follow the instructions in this book you will not need to see me again for your problem will be solved.

You are lucky, because war destroys personalities, and some never find their way back. You have had a lot of help, much of which I couldn’t have provided you. Be thankful for them and try to repay them in some way.

I understand you have kids?”

“Yes I have two children, a boy, and a girl.”

“How do you feel about them?”

“Well I like them a lot.”

“I can tell you have been holding back because of the same reason you stated before, a feeling of inadequacy as a father.  Release that which you have been holding back from them and love them as your own for they are yours.

The final thing is this how do you feel about Mae?”

“Well I… well I…”

“Come out with it do you love her? If you do then tell her.  Say it, say I love you Mae. You need to hear yourself say it. Think of her, her face and her body which you have seen I presume and say ‘I love you’.  I want you to say these things to yourself; ‘I can say it. I want to say it. I will say it and now I say it.”

Sam repeated the things in his mind and finally he said out loud, “I love you Mae. I love you Mae. I love you Mae!”

“Are you sure asked the doctor?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Are you sure enough to say it to her?”


The doctor walked over to the door and asked Mae to come in and said, “I will leave you two alone for a minute for Sam has something to say to you.”

Mae had overheard what the doctor had been saying to Sam and Sam’s responses so she came close to him and said, “Do you have something to say to me? Well out with it then.”

Sam’s eyes glazed over and he was staring out into space as it were.

Mae moved against him and said in a strong voice, “Say it Sam!”

She put her hands behind his head and pulled his lips hard onto hers and kissed him and said softly, “Say it Sam.”

He blurted out, “I love you, Mae, I love you and I love the kids and always will.”

Mae realized that she had never told Sam that she loved him. It never occurred to her that she should.  As he kissed her she got the words out “I love you Sammie” and then she felt something she had never felt before.

She released herself completely to him whereas before she always held something back. It was a moment when the two of them felt as one.

The doctor came back in and said, “If you two are through I need my office back for I have another patient to see.”

Sam said, “Thank you, we need to go for I have a lot of reading to do and home work if you know what I mean.”

* * *  Finis

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