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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, May 19, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 9

Sharon giving Sam Good Advice
“That is what she has, a normal man,”  Sharon said.  She continued, “You have came back a long way and this is just another step.  If I didn’t think this was the right thing for you to do I would never have brought you into this situation.

You have been protected by the doctors by hiding you away and giving you pills for long enough and now it is time for you to fully enter the real world.”

Sam objected; “But I don’t know how to perform in what you call the real world. On the farm I can get along okay but I think this is too much for me.”

Sharon said, “Now you listen to me. Do you know why I chose Mae for you?”

He was quiet, so she said, “It was because she needed someone like you and you need her. You may not know it now but you are a perfect match.

There is one more thing and that is something I haven’t mentioned to you and that is she may need someone to protect her one day.

I have covered her tracks the best I could but someone might find out where she is and she will need a strong arm to lean on at that time. You have to realize this isn’t all about you for there are the children and Mae that need your protection.”

He started to say, “I don’t…”  When she interrupted him and said, “Shut up and do your job. You are a man so act like it.”

After a period of silence she spoke again and said, “It’s time for you to start by kissing her, just out of the blue. You do it and see what that does for you.

Then respond to her whether you feel like it or not. It’s like a log jam that they use dynamite on to loosen it up. My guess a few kisses will loosen the log jam up and… well you’ll find out.”

He was quiet again so she said, “I have to go but call me if you need any more help.”

Sam walked around talking to himself, “That sister of mine has lost her mind. Now she is my sex therapist.”

He finally got tired and Mae called him in for supper. He was still mumbling to himself, “No way, no way,” as he entered the kitchen.

She was setting the table and he stared at her then without thinking he went over and kissed her longingly. He didn’t know where that emotion came from but she was taken aback by it.

She then grabbed his shirt and said, “Come here and do that some more.”

For the next few minutes he learned what kissing was all about. When he came to his old self he started to apologize but she cut him off and said, “Well, that’s a start, let’s eat. C’mon kids she called, time to eat.”

While they were eating Abby said to Sam, “I didn’t know you knew how to kiss, I guess mama is a good teacher isn’t she?”

Sam said, “She is the best one I know.”

After playing with the kids until they were worn out Sam said, “Come on and I’ll put you kids to bed.”

He told Mae he was going to bed and she said, “I’ll turn the light out and join you.”

She went through the same routine of showering and coming into the bedroom and putting her gown on.

This time Sam watched her and thought, “She sure isn’t bashful.” 

 To be Continued

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