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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 10

Sam could remember nothing the next morning

Mae came to bed after turning the lights out and Sam was laying on his back. Mae reached over and pulled him over next to her and said, “This will save you from looking for me during the night.”

His resistance was depleted so he hugged her for a while. She turned over and put her lips next to his and when he woke the next morning he wasn’t sure what happened during the night.

Mae was in the bathroom brushing her teeth and when finished she got back into bed.

Sam was ashamed to speak for he couldn’t remember the evening and what happened.

She reached over and put his arm around her again and Sam suddenly realized that there were some changes in him. He snuggled up to her until the kids started yelling for their breakfast.

Mae found some time alone and began to reflect on the last few weeks. She at first hadn’t been convinced that this was a good move and had a contingency plan if this didn’t work out.

Her first impression of Sam was he is a basket case but from the way Sharon handled him he seemed harmless. At least she was now several hundred miles from the city and the gangs that controlled her.

She kept telling herself that she was trying to make the best of the situation. After a few more days she found herself using her womanly skills and had got this almost zombie like man to begin to respond to her. In fact he was close to being normal in most every way but trying to arouse a little lust in him wasn’t easy even though he is nigh unto normal.

She was partly convinced soon he would want to start having relations with her. His inability to remember things is still causing him to wonder if he has already done “it” or not. He doesn’t feel completely sure he can trust himself and his memory of an event.

Mae is enjoying his being unsure, while he hasn’t come out and asked her about it yet but she knows he wants to.

Abby wanted to go see the school she would be attending next year. Mae and Abby met the teacher who suggested that they go ahead and register her.

It became a little complicated when they wanted the vitals, meaning she would have to provide a birth certificate with the father’s name and place of birth.

This was more information than Mae wanted to give out at present. She said she would have to send for the birth information for it had been lost in moving.

She thought, “It is amazing how your past wants to follow you around and doesn’t want to release you.”

Since she didn’t know the best way to handle this she decided to call Sharon.

When she told Sharon about the problem and that she was concerned about being found by the people in her past life Sharon agreed that would be the worse thing that could happen.

Sharon said, “Let’s do it this way. I will get the paperwork for Sam to adopt the children and as soon as he signs the papers I will get them through the process with some help from some friends. The papers will show Sam as father and the birthdates of each with your present address.

Don’t register until school starts which will give the school less time to look at the papers. After the first registration it will just be transfers after that.”

To be Continued

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