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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WAY OUT Chapter 5

Sammie tried to hold it back but finally busted out laughing.

He said, “Sharon my dear sister I haven’t laughed for years but this is so funny.”

She asked, “What’s funny about it.”  You are going to married in fifteen minutes so come on with me and meet your new family!”

“Okay I heard you say that before and you’re not kidding are you?”

“No, c’mon,” as she took his arm and led him into the restaurant where his bride to be was sitting with her kids.

Lorna looking at Sammie said; “This is it?” Then she smiled as she stuck out her hand for Sam to shake.

Sharon said, “Yes, this is Sammie.”

Sammie was looking at her kids mostly as they drew away from him.

Sharon said, “Well, ask her.”

“Ask her what?” Sammie asked.

“Ask her to marry you.”

Sammie said, “Okay, you want to marry me?”

Lorna said, “I guess.”

Sharon took the children by the hand and said, “Let’s go the justice of the peace for he is waiting.”

On the way across the street Sammie said, “Although the house is a big house it only has two bedrooms.”

Sharon laughed and said, “It’s alright the kids can sleep in the same room.”

Sammie said, “You don’t understand…”

Sharon cut him off and said, “Here we are sign these papers and step over here.”

Lorna said, “I don’t know about this,” to which Sharon answered, “We’ll talk about it later.”

Five minutes quickly passed and the justice was congratulating the bride and groom.

Sharon said, “Kiss your bride and hug your kids.”

He whispered to Sharon, “I don’t know if I remember how to kiss a woman it has been years…”

Sharon pulled Lorna over to him and said, “She’ll teach you.”

After a mother-in-laws type of kiss Sammie said, “Before we head home we best go and do some shopping for I don’t have any kid’s food and one thing more, I don’t like the name Lorna so can we change it.”

Lorna said, “I don’t like it either.  How about Mae, does that suit you any better?”

Sammie said, “Yes, that is fine.”

It took a half hour for them to figure out what Sammie didn’t have and what they needed.

After checking out Sammie said to Sharon, “Being married is going to be expensive isn’t it?”

Sharon said, “Shhh; you can afford it besides the deed is done.”

Sammie said, “Yep, the deed is done.”

Sharon with the kids’ Jay and Abby followed Sammie and Mae in her rental car to the farm and there she told the kids; “This is your new home.”

Sammie heard her say that and he turned to Mae and said, “I reckon this is your new home too.”

He said, “I wasn’t expecting company so the place looks lived in but it won’t take me and the kids long to fix it up.”

He told Abby to pick up the clothes on the floor and for Jay to help bring the groceries in.  

They didn’t know what else to do so they got busy doing what he said.

Sharon showed the kids their bedroom and said, “We’ll get another bed for you tomorrow but for tonight you’ll have to bunk together.”

Mae spoke up and said, “They are used to doing that so its no bother.”

Sharon told Mae this is your and Sammie’s bedroom and we won’t be getting another bed for you two.


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