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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, May 9, 2014

WAY OUT? Chapter 1

A New Continued Story Begins Today! 
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Carmi's Brother and His Gang Members Scared Her
“I need to see Sharon… now!”

“Wait Carmi,” said Liz the secretary, “You can’t go in there; she is with another probationer…”

“I don’t care I must see her now! I have to get out of this place, let me see her.”

“Calm down Carmi, I will see if she can squeeze you in… now, sit down or I won’t interrupt her.”

Liz the secretary knocked gently on the door and entered when Sharon said, “Come in.”  Liz whispered to Sharon, “Carmi is here and is almost frantic.

She demands to see you. Shall I have her removed or…”

“No tell her to wait and I’ll be through in a minute.”

Back in the reception area Carmi was pacing back and forth and Liz told her to please sit until Sharon called her in.

Carmi said, “I can’t sit, - - I tell you, I’ve to get out!”

A few minutes later Sharon buzzed Liz and said, “Send Carmi in. I will see her for a minute while I eat a sandwich.”

When Carmi came in Sharon spoke first and said, “Go ahead and tell me what is so important.”

Carmi said, “I have to get out… I have to get out now.”

Sharon with her mouth half full said, “Get out of where?”

“Where I live, where do you think?”

“Well, Sharon said, “Go ahead and move just let me know where you are.”

Carmi said, “They won’t let me go.”

“Who won’t let you go, who is stopping you?”

“It’s my brother and his gang. They use my place for their operations and planning.”

Sharon asked, “Is what they are doing illegal?”

“I can’t tell you that, because they would kill me,” Carmi answered.
Carmi Loved her Kids

“Who has your kids and is taking care of them?”

Carmi said, “My mother when she is sober or not on drugs.”

“Why aren’t you taking care of them yourself, aren’t you getting state aid?”

She answered, “Yes but that only pays the rent and a little food which the gang either eats or takes home with them to their girl friends. They know when I get my money and will take it from me if they find me.”

Sharon said, “I still don’t understand why you can’t just up and leave.”

“And go where?” asked Carmi, “Can I come and live with you?

Besides there is always someone watching me. If they saw me packing up what little clothes me and the kids have, my brother would be after me immediately. I would get a beating that would take some time to heal. Even with my brother telling the gang I’m off limits I’m constantly having to fight off one or more of the gang bangers.”

Sharon said, “My file on you say’s you are only nineteen and have two kids is that right?”

Carmi said, “That is about it.”

“How is it that you got pregnant twice?”

Carmi said, “It’s called stiletto love making. Some guy sticks a stiletto to your throat and cuts your throat open if you don’t submit. It’s fairly easy to conceive if they do it often.”

Sharon said, “Humm … I see your point, buy I don’t see how I can help you. I can send the police there…”

“No don’t do that, Carmi said, “They would kill me if that happened for they would blame me for the police being there.”

“I still don’t know what to do except have the children removed from the home, the gang wouldn’t care if that happened would they?”

Carmi said, “Only if I received less money from the state.”

“Hmmm, let me think on this … perhaps something can be worked out.”


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