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Sunday, May 4, 2014

PACO AND THE DOG Chapter two

He was a Mean Dog and His Name was Grrr

Campbell sent out a message for Paco to come see him.  Paco was floating around the border with his friends when he got the message.

Paco thought, “Maybe Campbell still wants the fifty dollars back he gave me.”

He decided it would be better to go and see him than to try to hide as he had done before.  Campbell said to Paco he was bringing some expensive equipment in that would be stored for the winter. He said someone has been pilfering things out of the large warehouse and he wanted it to stop.

He asked Paco what he was going to do this winter for food and lodging. Paco said; “I don know.”

Campbell said, “How would you like to guard the warehouse this winter?” Paco said “I don know.”

Campbell said, “I will pay you and there is a nice apartment built into the warehouse which can be kept warm and you can eat at the restaurant for free.”

Paco said, “How much you pay me?”

“You will get eight dollars a week and your keep.”

“And the dog?” Paco said?

“What dog?” Campbell asked.

“The dog that will stay with me and the two guinea hens.”

Campbell said. “I’m not even going to ask about all this so yes a dog and two guinea hens.”  He thought a minute and said, “Two guinea hens?”

Paco said, “The warehouse is large but the guinea hens never miss anything and will warn me of any intruders.”

“What about the dog, where are you going to get him?”

He answered, “I know a young dog that is mean and the owner wants to get rid of him.  He is so mean that sometimes he won’t let the owner out of the house and has bitten him a couple of times.”

“Well how are you going to handle him?”

Oh he likes me or at least he does, since I knocked him out with my gun butt.  Also I always bring him a treat when I go see him. His master has a beautiful daughter I get the hankering to see every once in a while so I see him then.”

Campbell said, “There is one more thing. The heating stove has a place to heat water on it and it can be directed into the bath tub for a warm bath. If you want the job you will have to take a bath at least once a week for you need it bad and I will have Rosa wash up your clothes so you can change.

If you don’t have a change of clothes go down to the store and get a complete outfit. So remember if you agree to take the job you agree to take the bath without me reminding you.”

Paco said, “Okay I guess. I never have taken a bath except in the river or the horse trough. When Paco heard about the bath condition on getting the job he hesitated but then he thought about the cold winter and said I’m hired.”

Campbell had several loads of fire wood brought into the barn which assured Paco of a warm winter.  Campbell asked Paco what the dog’s name was and he answered his name is “Grrr.”  

Campbell asked, “How did he get a name like that?”

Paco said, “Whenever he sees someone he goes Grrr and will bite anyone nearby.”

Someone asked Paco, “What kind of dog is he?”

Paco said, I don’t know and I don’t think he cares. He is just mean.”

“Does he try to bite you Paco?”

“Not any more since we came to an agreement he don’t.”

Paco had very little stuff to move in so he went down to the store and bought a complete outfit.

He was determined to try the bathtub and see if it would get you clean, so he got plenty of hot water ready and filled the tub so full he had to let some of the water out in order to keep it from running over. He stayed in the tub until the water started getting cold and then got out to dry off.

Grrr came in and Paco thought he needed a bath so he threw him in. It was easier to get him in than it was to keep him in the tub.  Finally he let him go and he shook the water off all over the bath room.

Paco took his towel and rubbed Grrr dry and he ate that up.  Apparently he never had anyone treat him nice like that.  Grrr had a warm box out in the warehouse and one night he gave off his Grrr loud enough for Paco to hear it.

Paco strapped one of his guns on and went out in the warehouse where saw three men loading up some goods.  Grrr and Paco slipped up near the men and Paco told the men to stand fast and not to move.

He quickly followed up with, “Do not run,” for there were two things they could not out run and that was, Grrr, and the bullet in his gun. The thieves froze in the position they were in as Paco came closer with Grrr next to him.

Grrr’s snarling and growling was unnerving the men and Paco told the dog to cool it. Paco suggested to the men to put everything back where they found it. When they finished he took them to Campbell who was in bed and told him how he and the dog had captured the men.

At first Campbell was quite angry about being awaken up in the middle of the night. Paco told him the whole story and said, “Do what you wish with them for they are yours now.”

As Paco started to leave he said, “C’mon Grrr let’s go home.”

By this time some of Campbell hands had appeared and took control of the robbers.  Campbell said, “Lock them up n the smoke house until the sheriff comes and get’s them.”

When Paco got ready for bed he looked for Grrr and couldn’t find him. As he started to get into bed he saw him lying along side of the bed.

Paco said, “Grrr looks like you and me have become partners.”

 To be Continued


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