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Monday, November 26, 2012


Grandma courtesy
My first association with Grandma was at the age of not being able to chew my food. She did it the old fashion way by chewing the food and then feeding it to me. A lot of kids died at a young age in those days.  I wonder why?

Brat award;
I earned my Brat award at the age of three. Of course I had been practicing from birth but I was three before my skills were perfected. I had continued success until the age of five when I entered first grade. It wasn't any fun being a brat at that age for my entire class were brats.

First romance;
My first romance happened at the age of four and a half. It wasn't true love and the parents opposed it from the start. Alas, it didn't last.

First job;
I became self employed at the age of eight. I owned my own shoe shine box. There were some territorial disputes which were not always settled in my favor, unfortunately.

First cooking experience;
Out of necessity I learned to open a can and heat soup at the age of nine.

First doctor;
I became sick and the doctor came. He charged a dollar for in home service. He went to medical school in the 1800s. He gave shots with a three inch needle. It wasn't sharp but he was strong enough to push it in. Ouch!   His specialty was child birth. His methodology was to arrive and watch the mother push the baby out and then tell them what it was, then ask: “Three dollars please.”

Graduation; I self graduated after eight years of school. I didn't want to over tax my brain. 

Problem solving;
Decided it would be better to work than to go hungry.

Wife time;
Ran an ad in the paper; wife wanted, no experience preferred. Most answered saying; have had some experience.

Found a woman with more money than me. She had a hundred and fifty dollars when I only had fifty. Good reason for marrying her!

Kids; we got some.

Grand kids; we got some.

Present status; Older now - - but still trying to get my brat badge.

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