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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

MISS MATTIE Chapter 13

The days were slipping quickly by and Mattie and William were having trouble getting time to see each other, partly because of the distance, transportation and scheduling issues.

Marti said she wasn't too keen on inviting the family over for another weekend.  

After discussing it with William they agreed it would be nice to go up to the lake for a couple of days, just the two of them. They knew if William’s little sister came along they wouldn't have any time to them-selves.

When Mattie told Marti about their plans Marti looked at her dubiously, and said, “You will remember your church training won't you?”  Mattie said; “I certainty will, but we are going there to get to know each other better.”

Marti answered her saying; "As long as it isn't too well."  

Mattie didn't respond, just smiled and changed the subject.

During the week Mattie thought about the weekend, and what she hoped to accomplish while at the lake.  
She thought about swimming so she would buy a new swimsuit.  Something that was not too revealing, but still womanly enough to get his attention.  

She thought how far she should go, she knew how far she wouldn't go but somewhere in between.  She was sure about some kissing, perhaps a little hugging but at the same time watching the hands that might get too friendly. All this thinking was tiring so she finally decided to take things a step at a time.

William also was thinking along the same lines, he didn't want to move too slow but he wanted to show her that he more than just liked her. After playing out several scenarios in his mind he thought the spontaneity of the moment should rule.

Their rooms were near each other and the lodge had all the conveniences. The food was good and the weather was favorable.

They arrived in late afternoon and after getting settled they decided a walk in the garden area of the lodge would be nice.
They each had similar questioning thoughts about how to get started doing what they both had in mind.  How much of their feelings should they reveal and who should make the first move.

Each was so caught up with their thinking that neither said much during the walk, and they returned to the lodge for supper.  Each retired to their rooms and both felt so far this trip is unfulfilling, and not what they wanted or expected.

A little later Mattie came down to the large sitting room where a fire was going in the fireplace. William was already there and was reading a book.

Mattie felt she had enough of this discomforting feeling so she decided to change things. It would make or break the whole trip, and if it didn't work out then she could always return home.

She sat next to William and said; “I am looking for a husband, and at this moment I'm looking at you and what I want to know is - - are interested or am I just wasting my time on you?” 

William almost fell out of his seat, and just stared at her. When he regained his composure he replied; “I am absolutely interested in finding a wife, but I didn't know how to approach the subject with you.”

Mattie said; “Well, it would seem the subject has been approached as much as it could be so what do you have in mind?”  He just came right out with it and said; "I want to marry you."  

Mattie thought this has to be the most unromantic proposal I have ever heard of but she heard herself say; “I accept.”

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The rest of the weekend heated up almost to the boiling point which was more than Mattie had hoped for.  

Any hesitations she had, had vanished somewhere after the first kiss, and she was perfectly comfortable with him holding her tightly, for long periods at a time.

Their active interest in each other had precluded any making of plans for a wedding but on the way home things began to come together.

To be Continued 


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