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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

MISS MATTIE Chapter 14

Garden Setting
When Mattie returned home she said hello to Marti and headed to the kitchen to get a cool drink.

Marti followed her and told her, “I'm glad you made it back safely.”

Mattie then went into the sitting room and plopped down into a chair and said; “I'm really tired and I have been very busy these last two days.”

Marti wasn't saying much but she was bursting inside wanting to know what happened while they were at the lake.  

Mattie wanted to tell Marti everything, but she just kept quiet until she couldn't wait any longer, and her excitement gushed out in a flood of words.

Marti wanted to know every detail starting from the beginning, and then had many questions after she had been told everything.

From this moment on Mattie included Marti in every detail of planning the wedding and valued her opinion greatly.

One of the first things to do was to select the date while taking into consideration all the factors, and coordinating things with William's family.

Then it was off to buy the trousseau and the honeymoon necessities.

The wedding was to be held in Marti's large garden for it was filled with sweet smelling flowers, and was perfectly landscaped. There was room for a hundred people which was more than Mattie wanted, but with Marti's friends and William's family guests it would be filled to overflowing.

Mattie invited her sisters but they declined, feeling out of place among the people they knew would be attending.  

Mattie offered to provide them with food, transportation and lodging, but they still declined. As a last resort she offered to buy all of them new clothes so they would fit in stylish wise but their answer was still no.

Things were getting somewhat stressful with work, and all the planning.

Planning takes Time
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Marti and Marie the maid ended up doing most of the preparation for which Mattie was thankful.  Mattie only saw William on the weekends and their time was filled with getting ready for the big day.

Time passed quickly and tomorrow was the big day. Marti was the acting mother since Mattie's mom was dead, so she had some last minute things to go over with her.  

One thing was something she had touched on before, and it was she wanted Mattie and William to live with her.  She had a large house, and she said they could live in one of the wings of the house which would give them their needed privacy.  

Marti only had one request and that was she wanted the nursery close to her bed room for she wanted to be involved in the raising of the kids she hoped would be born.

Mattie said she and William would decide what they wanted while on their honeymoon, and it was a little early to be speaking of children.

Another subject that Marti wished to approach was a little embarrassing.

Even though they talked about everything in the past this caused both of them to redden a little and that was the wedding night.

Marti had many things to say and much advice to give but when she started to speak all that came out was; “While everything might not turn out perfect on the wedding night just remember; practice makes perfect.”

To be Continued   


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