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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter one

Country Folk
Billy lived in Washoe County all his life and from the time he was young he had one goal.

His daddy had worked as a share cropper all his life, and just barely managed to keep his family clothed and fed.  All the money the kids in his family were able to make went into the family pot, and this helped the dad to keep going.

Because of that Billy decided early on that some day, he would have a place of his own, and would be independent of the other land owners.

First off let me tell you that Billy wasn't what you might call a religious boy although he did go to all the church functions like picnics, weddings and also the funerals.

Because of Billy's whiskers beginning to grow at an early age he looked older than he was, and hard work had muscled him up.

It became clear to Billy that he could never reach his goal of owning his own place if he stayed working on the farm, so at the age of fifteen he left home and moved to the city to seek his fortune.  

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At first he couldn't find steady work, and had to do odd jobs to keep himself up, but one day he met a traveling salesman who said he would teach him how to sell stuff on the road. This sounded intriguing to Billy for he never considered making a living by traveling from place to place.

Logan, the salesman told Billy that he would stake him for two weeks, but after that he would have to start earning his keep.  

Logan took him down to the Salvation Army and talked them out of a wardrobe for Billy. The stuff wasn't new but it was far better than the duds he had been wearing.

Billy asked Logan what they would be selling, and he replied, “Everything.” The next thing Billy knew he was living in a nice hotel and eating regular meals and seemingly doing nothing.
Logan told Billy, this is where your education begins, and he took him to the barber shop, and had his hair styled or at least that is what they called it.

Billy thought it was just going to be a hair cut for the most part, until they started to smear some stuff called pomade on his head, and combed his hair in a slicked down fashion.  Billy took one look at him-self and protested having to look like this.

Logan got a stern look on his face and said; “Don't you ever question what I say or you are back on your own in a minute.”  This shocked Billy, as to who was going to be boss right then and there, and he decided it was going to be Logan.

He had never ate and slept so well, along with having regular baths in his whole life, and when he thought about going back to working hard and doing without the issue was settled.

Along with the new look Billy got some different clothes, and now his name was to be Ricardo.  With his dark whiskers and sun tanned skin he began to have a Latin look, and the clothes were the finishing touches.

Over the next three months Logan coached him to talk with an accent, and took him to movies where the Latin lovers were playing. The first month was the hardest.  Trying to forget his southern drawl required constant reminders from Logan.

To be Continued 
Notice:  This is the beginning of a new Fictional continued Story. 
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