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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, November 16, 2012


Suspicious Shop
courtesy free clip art
We were well on our way sailing several miles off the coast of Mexico when a suspicious ship appeared coming from shore trying to intercept us.

As a safety precaution the Captain ordered every sheet of sail raised, and the ship responded by quickly outdistancing the suspicious craft.  As a further precaution we moved several more miles offshore.  We would arrive at Cape Horn in less than a week.  

On the trip home we were making better time for the crew were more experienced now and were working well together.

There were two young sisters on board who were about the same age as Morgan, but they seemed to be and act years younger.  They were constantly flirting with him making it hard to do his tasks.  

After tiring of their constantly aggravating him told them that he couldn't chose between them so he was going to marry them both.  He said that since we were under maritime law the Captain could do that even if they didn't want to get married.  He told them to be ready for the Captain would marry them and they could move into Morgan's cabin this very night.

That was the last he saw of them until they approached Cape Horn. The ship was tossing, and the girls were afraid the boat might be sinking, and they wanted him to stop it.  
Stormy Waves
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Morgan took the girls below to their parents, and explained that things were going to be rough for a couple of days, but the ship was built for just such a purpose.  Stay in your cabin and just hold on he said with authority.

The widow whose husband never showed up for her; spent most of her time on deck, for she felt uncomfortable and afraid below deck. There were few women there and very many men.  
She would only go below to get some sleep and she kept a knife under the covers with her.  Morgan noticed her on deck with the waves splashing over her, soaking her through and through. He took her and put her in his cabin telling her she would be safe from the storm and any other danger.

The time came when he had to get some rest so he went to his cabin and put a pad on the floor and immediately went to sleep.   
Some hours later he awoke, and the seas had calmed down. The widow had returned to her place on deck, and had dried off.   

Morgan had won her trust and they talked many hours about everything, the past, the future, home, and family.  She never mentioned her departed husband except to say he was dead to her, and she was dead to him, and whether he was alive or not, she was no longer his wife.

Morgan found talking to her to be good for him, he had stopped thinking about Ellie in a hurtful way for the pain had ceased. The widow confided that she would need to find another husband, and wanted to get on with her life. Morgan liked her very much, and hoped they would remain friends for life even though they may never see each other after the voyage.

They arrived at port and tied up so the passengers could debark, and then the cargo was unloaded. The duty Morgan signed on for was over and the Captain said he hoped he would sign on the next trip to which Morgan replied that he would give it great consideration.

The crew received their pay and headed in all directions. The professor hoped to be reinstated at his old job teaching.  Morgan had learned much about life from him. The widow said little other than to wish Morgan well and thanked him for his kindness.

As Morgan's gaze followed after her until she faded into the distance.  He hoped she would find the good life she deserved, for she was a nice person who was scarcely older than him.  

Morgan thought it strange how talking to other people who had experienced disappointment in love made him feel better.  In some way others having similar pains eased the pain for all.

As for the crew, some headed home to family while others went to the grog houses, and would revel until they were broke and ready to sign on for another journey.

As for Morgan he wanted to seek the comfort of a woman who loved him unconditionally, his mom.   
To be Continued 

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