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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, November 8, 2012


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This story is about Morgan's trek westward.  

Our story begins around 1800 AD.  There was a young boy, last name of Morgan who with his parents lived on the docks of New York. The father had a boat repair business, and also sold equipment related to sailing.

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As Morgan grew up he was around sailors all the time, and was enthralled by their stories of the sea even though he knew they were exaggerated and sometimes were outright lies.

He so badly wanted to go to sea that he was constantly asking his father’s permission to sign on as a cabin boy.  He probably wouldn't have been as anxious if he knew what that entailed.
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He met every incoming ship and talked to the first mates about him signing on and finally was able to meet the captain of one of the cargo ships. 

As it turned out the captain was needing a ships flunky, so he told the boy to get his father to come down and sign for him. The father was tired of arguing with the young lad and signed him on as cabin boy for the round trip voyage.

Morgan's excitement waned rather quickly as he found out what his duties were. They had little to do with sailing and were more about empting chambers and cleaning up filth the crew created. Also along with that he was slapped around and constantly cursed.  

He had learned how to box on the wharfs, and could beat all the boys his size but here he was way overmatched.  Even with all he had to put up with he thought being on the sea was better than working in his father's repair shop.  
I'm a Real Sailer Now
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After his first trip he wanted to sign on again and never mentioned to his father the rough treatment it was his lot to endure.

His mother said; "How you have grown," and it was true for he had gotten taller and a lot more muscular doing this first year.

The captain was pleased by the fact the boy could make minor repairs the ship needed and was able to relieve him of some of his vile jobs.
Morgan learned the ins and out of sailing, and by the time he was fourteen he was a full fledged sailor.

Then came the day he had taken all the abuse from the crew members he wanted and he challenged the meanest of the bunch. He asked the captain if it was okay and the captain said that the crew needed a diversion from the boredom of this long trip so have at it.

He warned Morgan that he was going get the licking of his life and he would only stop it when he was well beaten.

The one thing that had been overlooked was Morgan was large boned and the hard work had put a lot of muscle on him that was rock solid.  As a young boy he had many fights, and had learned fighting skills from some professional fighters that hung around the docks.  

His opponent had learned his skills from fighters who used knives and clubs and every dirty trick in the book.

Every one was on deck and the sea was calm.  Morgan and his opponent were facing each other, it was time! - -   
To be Continued   

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