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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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The days were passing quickly and Morgan was getting more enraptured with Ellie each day.  Every moment he could spare from his duties he spent with her.  

On deck they were in plain view, and stayed at arms length, but he spent time in Ellie's cabin out of the sight of everyone.  Morgan finally got up the nerve to kiss her, and he kissed her like he kissed his mother on the cheek.

This went on for quite awhile until she finally kissed him on the mouth.  He had never been kissed like that, and didn't know the proper way to do it.  She helped him, and he finally got the knack of it.

The Captain found out Morgan was visiting Ellie in her room, and brought him in for a talk.  He explained about how affairs can lead into trouble and advised him not to go into her cabin anymore. This was not an order but was advice that was difficult for Morgan to follow.

In fact Morgan didn't take his good advice. He was head over heels in love, and thought she felt likewise, but as they got closer to San Francisco she became somewhat withdrawn which puzzled Morgan.

He wondered if he had done something to cause her to act that way.  He didn't know what to do or how to find out what the problem was. The last thing he wanted to do was just come out and say something that would make things worse.  

She hadn't kissed him for a week, and when he tried to kiss her she would turn away.  Every time Morgan tried to picture a future with her it seemed hopeless for he had very little money, and it was obvious she came from a well to do family.

When he would see her all these barriers were pushed into the background, he thought he would find a way to support her.  On the morrow they would land and the coldness increased to where it was almost unbearable for Morgan and finally he blurted out; why have you changed? What have I done to make you this way?
It was then with tearful eyes she said; my fiancée is meeting me at the dock and we are to be married tomorrow. While I like you and enjoyed our time together I love him very much and am looking forward to spending my life with him and she turned and walked away before he could speak.

The Captain had overheard some of the conversation, and took Morgan aside for a serious talk. He told him that often times first love affairs don't work out and there is always a price to be paid for an effort that fails.
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The Captain assured Morgan he would live, and would eventually get over it.  He related some of his personal disappointments as a youth and encouraged him to just move on, and to say “thank you for the experience.”

Of course Morgan wasn't fully consoled, but that talk helped him a lot, and he appreciated the Captain taking the time with him.  He hoped that the result of this experience would make him not only older but wiser.

To be Continued 


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