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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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The sea was as calm as the stout wind would allow, and the ship knifed through the water with authority.

It was as if she wanted to challenge the forces that would hinder her progress. With full sail the journey was shorter each moment.

Morgan had been busy with his duties, but at last he could breathe easier. Once again he could stand on the bow and watch each movement up and down as the ship thrust forward. During these idle moments his mind was taken up with the young woman named Ellie, and he hoped she would join him on the bow.

When it seemed she was not forthcoming he returned to the deck just as she was just coming on deck to take some fresh air as the deck below still had the stale odor of vomit.

He wanted to rush over and touch her but remained where he stood. If she would come over and speak it would free him to express some of his feelings he had for her, but since they had but little contact with each other he reasoned she couldn't feel as he did.

She spoke to the Captain and the other passengers who came up on deck but she never looked his way.

Morgan felt as if an unseen force suddenly had control of his being, and he wasn't able to control it.  He was a rough and tumble young man who had only known the love of his mother, and he trusted himself to her gentleness but he was on the defensive to everyone else for that had been the only way for him to survive.

There was a longing within him that was crying out for kindness that he had never known and didn't understand.

It was much later while he served his watch that she came on deck again and this time she approached him, and thanked him for his help during the trip around Cape Horn.

He being shy said; it was his job to help her and the others.  But she said; I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for you for no one else tried to aid me.

After that exchange they stood silently watching the last effects of the suns light disappear and the lanterns being lit on deck.

Without saying anything more she returned below, and an emptiness came over Morgan, a loneliness that disappeared while she was with him. In his bunk that night his thoughts were only of her, and the next few days that was left of the journey.

Morning came and his duties brought Morgan's mind back to the things at hand, and the demands of the ship for it were in control. He got a glimpse of Ellie while she was eating but didn't speak to her.

The ship was crowded, and had limited space so their path didn't cross during the morning.

As was his custom that afternoon he returned to the bow, and after a few minutes he was joined by Ellie. His heart leaped at the sound of her voice and was thrilled at her presence.

As the ship leaped forward they had to steady themselves by clinging to the railing and each other. He didn't know what was happening and what to do next, he only knew that looking at her was the most pleasant thing he had ever done, and touching her brought a joy he had not experienced before.

To be Continued


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