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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Morgan's Dream Was for An Old Fashioned Girl
After the dad called for Bessie to come on out, nothing happened.  At Morgan's insistence the dad went in the house to bring her out.

Morgan's first thoughts were that she was just shy, and as soon as they were together again she would get over that. Morgan called out, “Bessie, come on out I have a surprise for you.”

Finally from somewhere inside the cottage she said; “I have a surprise for you!”

Slowly Bessie was coming out to meet him, and she walked toward Morgan.

Not having words to speak was nothing new to Morgan but this was enough to render him mute for some time.

As she walked toward him he saw this large bulge around her midsection which could only mean one thing, she was with child. Bessie came over and hugged him and said; “I'm so glad you finally got here I've been waiting so long, we can have the wedding tomorrow if you want.”

The dad said; “I'm so glad you kept your promise, you are not like these boys that hang around here all the time.”  Bessie said; “I have my wedding dress just like you asked, and I can let out so as I can get in it.”

Morgan could scarcely breathe at this moment, and the dad seeing him looking faint got him a glass of water.

Morgan finally regained his composure and said; “She's with child!”

The dad answered saying;”Well that's true, and we are not sure who the father is, but none of the boys will have her in this condition. Now you promised to marry her and a promise is a promise.”  

About then the mother chimed in and said; “Yes a promise is a promise.”

Morgan said; “I'm going to make you another promise and that is: I promise you that I am leaving now, and you will never see me again!”

With those words racing into the wind, Morgan quickly got on his buggy, whipped that horse into a gallop and left as fast as he could.

As he settled down and brought the horse to a walk, he was astounded that he felt no sadness, sorrow or anything except trying to grasp the novelty of the whole situation.

For some reason he started to laugh at them, and also at himself.  He mused “How could I have gotten myself into this mess?”   

Thinking back he reminisced about all the hours he had thought about Bessie, and how he had wanted the days to pass quickly so he could be with her and be wed.

He knew he should feel something, some outrage, frustration or disappointment.  He could feel nothing except numbness about the entire situation and he could only laugh.

Arriving back at the stable he told the groom that he had given the horse a good run so to brush him down and give him a good feed. With that he gave the groom a couple of dollars extra and went straight to the sailing office.

While looking at the sailing registry he saw the "Westward Ho" sailing tomorrow for the orient.  He ran down to the dock and found the ship he first sailed around the horn on.  On deck he saw the Captain he had been fond of.

Morgan waved and got the Captain's attention and when the Captain recognized him he waved him aboard.

After reminiscing Morgan asked if the Captain needed a deck hand and the captain said; “No I have a full crew and we sail on the morning tide for the Orient by way of the Hawaiian Islands. If you show up before sailing time and a crewman doesn't show up I'll put you on, but realize we shall be gone for a long time even I don't know how long before we return here.”

Clipper Ship Courtesy
The next morning Morgan was there early and the Captain said; “Five more minutes and we sail, and the first mate isn't aboard.” A couple of minutes later he said; “If you think you can handle the first mate's job then throw your gear aboard for we are casting off now.”

Morgan ran aboard and started shouting, “Take up the anchor, throw off those lines, and unfurl those sails and let the wind take her.”

Morgan took a deep breath and said; “I think I need a long sea voyage.”  

The End

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