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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Today we have churches with huge church membership roles.  Pastors are akin to rock stars as they minister to hundreds of people. They accomplish this with words and programs that meet certain needs of the people and are a show case for the gospel.

They are often easy targets for critics of the Christian persuasion, and have to spend time defending their ministry or just let them rant on by ignoring them.

Though they serve a purpose in the kingdom of GOD the real backbone of church ministry are the thousands of smaller congregations.

My early Christian life was spent in one of these small churches. It was there I was saved and received what is referred to as the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  That experience has been the subject of debate among many denominations and the argument still goes on.

Being of sound mind, in being honest I must say this experience is the most intimidate experience I have had with GOD so far.  The new birth as outstanding as it is - - did not reach the level of intensity of intimacy as the Holy spirit baptism. It was Jesus himself that promised this interaction with the Holy Spirit and I will always treasure it.

I only mention the above because the church I attended preached this experience was available to all who were willing to receive it, and most of our members had done so at one time or another.

There is a strange phenomena that occurs in congregations of all denominations, and that is words when spoken by divisive men can separate the strongest Christians from their consecration to GOD.

If this were not so there would not have been so many warnings concerning this.  Scriptures such as; 1Corinthians 10:12 Even if you think you can stand up to temptation, be careful not to fall.

It is easy to be lulled into a sense of hyper-security when you have not been tempted by something that you might be susceptible to.
The word boredom has a broad meaning, and it is a condition that has brought many Christians down.  Seeking an escape can lead one in the wrong direction and cause you to become vulnerable.
One case of this started several years ago. There was a married couple who had three children. The husband worked for very low wages, and because of this he had to work at two jobs to care for his family. They attended church regularly except the father had to work most Sundays, and only came to church at night.  The wife was left alone except for the children a lot of the time and this went on until the children were grown. They were always included in all of the church happenings and were faithful members.

For twenty years they lived like this with just enough to get by on with him doing all he could to support his family.  Although his life was one of drudgery he hung in there but the lonely hours over time wore on the wife.

The kids were now grown and at last the husband got a job that allowed him to only work only one job.

By chance she met a man who used divisive words on her.  He knew what she longed to hear after the lean years she had been through.  She forgot her consecration to GOD and left her husband and kids for this smooth talking alcoholic who wouldn't work so she had to support him. They disappeared and I never heard from them again. The one thing we do know she left a good and faithful husband for a worthless man with sweet words.

This isn't an isolated instance for there are too many stories of similar circumstances happening in the church today. We all have weaknesses and they can take us down.

This is why we are admonished to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might for the "common to man" temptations can do us in.

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