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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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Leaving off the story of hardships for they were unimaginable without even mentioning the mountains.

(Just a postscript (Morgan's notes) to the story of our trip. we had very little trouble with Indians which made a difficult journey easier.  Some of the more aggressive ones were off fighting the soldiers. As I told you before Captain John had married one or more squaws in most of the tribes we came into contact with. Some of them were quite angry when he would first meet them again but Captain would load them up with gifts and all was forgotten and well again, in fact they looked forward to him leaving and returning with more stuff. The chiefs all received gifts which included a nice knife which they prized.

I noticed Virgil would disappear each time we met a new group (this was before he got married) and our supply of bowie knives was getting smaller. I'm pretty sure he was doing what I called "Rent a squaw," and that was what was happening to our knives.  I never asked, for what difference would it have made if he said he did. When the camp was well supplied with fresh meat we would go hunting with the tribe we were near and kill some extra food for them and that was a help in getting through their territory without trouble.)     

A few more days and the train would come to the parting of the ways. Some of the party would branch off toward the Oregon Trail and others to the California trail. There was a lot of preparation needing to be done.  Morgan and Virgil was busy trying to supply meat for both groups for the Oregon people would have to hunt on their own after the separation.

Virgil wasn't about to let his girlfriend go to Oregon so he proposed, and the parson married them right then and there.  He had some forms he had printed up for such an occasion and filled them out making everything legal.

Morgan found himself alone in the evenings since Virgil spent all his free time with his new wife. Morgan wanted to ask Virgil many questions about married life but he was too embarrassed, and he almost knew what Virgil probably would have said; “Its none of your business get your own wife.”

Morgan was considering that very thing, but he knew if he did he would have to set aside many of his immediate plans.  His mind went back and forth while thinking about it.  
Walking with Bessie each night didn't make things any clearer; they had not only held hands but now were passionately kissing when away from the campsite.

He had to make a decision soon, for in the next couple of days the train would split, and Bessie would head to Oregon.  Her parents were saying a lot of things with their looks, and Morgan knew what they were thinking. When he couldn't stand it anymore he gathered Bessie, and her parents together and told them he would like to marry Bessie but there was something he first had to do.  He told them that he would come to Oregon in two years when Bessie was sixteen, and they would be married.

This pleased the parents for Morgan always did what he said he would do. Bessie was quite pleased about everything for Morgan searched among the jewelry he and Virgil had bought to sell in the gold fields and found a ring and gave it to her.  

She pranced through the camp showing her ring to all the girls just to make them jealous, her shyness was now a thing of the past.  It was the first time Morgan had kissed Bessie in front of her parents, and there was no objection from them.

Some of the single men of the camp ragged on Morgan unmercifully and Virgil had his fun also. While it was all in fun it began to get on Morgan's nerves and seeing that they did it all the more.

The day came to go separate ways and the camp was extremely busy. The wagons were not in order, and had to separate as they drove forward. People were exchanging items for things they thought would better serve them where they were going.  

Morgan said goodbye to Bessie and said; “I'll see you in two years and have your wedding dress ready.” Then they kissed longingly to the last minute. Morgan rode along side her wagon for awhile until he had to get beck to his duties. She looked out the back of the wagon and waved goodbye.
While looking back at her he whispered; goodbye my love as she disappeared from sight.   

To be Continued 

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