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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

BILLY HILL Chapter Three

Buick 1936
Billy was excited and put on his best Ricardo face for today they were going to begin to sell automobiles for the first time.

Logan went over all of the variables they might face as they presented their product; "The new Buick."  In the mind of the average business man this was the top of the line for them.  Of course there were some of the more expensive automobiles for sale, but even they didn't attract the attention the Buick did.

The plan was just the same as always just the product had changed, and the profits were far larger. This was where they were headed all the time, the big money, and they were ready.

In this town there were five marks picked out. They were made to order for the scamming.  They were tight fisted with their money, and would squeeze the last penny out of a deal.  Logan said to Billy; “The reason we will be successful is because there dwells a bit of larceny in everyone, bar none and this is the key to our success.”

Billy wasn't sure what that meant, so when he asked; Logan said. “Simply stated it means people want to take the advantage of others. Actually more crudely stated it means people want to steal from others, and if you present them the opportunity to do so, they become vulnerable and easy to be taken in.”

After a good breakfast it was off to the first mark. Logan went into the bank and asked to speak to the manager. When he appeared Logan engaged him in conversation about getting a loan for a brand new car.  It wasn't long before he had the bank manager's full attention for Logan told him about how he could get this car at almost half price.  

After about fifteen minutes he had an order from the bank manager for a new car for himself and paid up front with cash. The banker then called up his brother-in-law and had him to come over and he bought a car also.

Then it came Ricardo's turn.  He was going to have to sell to a widow woman and from all the information he had garnered she was going to be tough.

The important thing was she had the money and Ricardo was determined to get it.  

He knew she had a Rolls Royce, and to try to downsize her to a Buick would not be easy.  He could have tried to sell her a much more expensive car but there is a limit as to how much you can get people to part with without it taking a long time.  When he arrived he knocked on the door and a servant girl answered.  He gave her his card and said he was from Hollywood with a present for the widow. He knew he had to say something unusual otherwise he wouldn't get to see her.

He had found out that a lady from this town had moved to Los Angeles so he gave the widow a beautiful bouquet and said the lady in Los Angeles told him to look her up when passing this way.

Once he was in the house he turned on the charm, and after an hour he walked out with the money for a new Buick Roaster with a soft top.

Before the day was over they had sold six cars, one more than they hoped for.  In each case they indicated in order to get this low price there was something dishonest about the deal, but they (the marks) would be the beneficiaries of it.

It was as Logan had said; there is a little larceny in everyone.

To be Continued    

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