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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, November 5, 2012

MISS MATTIE chapter 15

Bride and Groom
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The morning of the wedding had arrived and Marti hired some extra help so as to free up all the participants for this special day.

Marti's house had never looked so festive. There were flowers everywhere and decorations to match. The food and drinks were served and the people helped themselves and the staff was kept busy bringing out more hors d'oeuvres.

Marti limited the champagne to a couple of glasses for she didn't want anyone getting sick before the wedding.

There were many gifts and Mattie thought she would have to get some help writing thank you notes for them.

Mattie didn't have many close friends so she decided that the only ones in her bridal party would be Marti as matron of honor and Marie, the maid as a bride’s maid. Marie was like a big sister to Mattie and not like an employee for she watched over her and made sure she didn't dress inappropriately.

The time arrived and the music started; Mattie wore a white gown and carried a bouquet of white carnations. Marti's gown was pink with a pink rose bouquet with pink satin streamers. Marie wore a pastel yellow gown with yellow roses for a bouquet with yellow satin streamers and she never looked so beautiful and Mattie thought for sure someone would want to marry her away from them.

The wedding party was a bit unbalanced for there were more men than women so the extra men stood in the rear as ushers. The ceremony was very spiritual with the vows being made before both man and GOD.

The reception was filled with best wishers for the bride and groom and though Mattie did not know many of them, she was too caught up in the moment to care.

They slipped out before the party was over and were on their way for two weeks of travel and enjoyment.
Seems that the honeymoon of two weeks had gone by too quickly and they were home again.

They both had agreed and had told Marti that they would be happy to take the west wing of the house for their living quarters for it was much larger than they needed.  

Mattie told Marti to hold off on setting up a nursery for they didn't have any plans for children right away.

A couple of months went by and Mattie came to Marti and said, “Maybe they should be thinking about getting the nursery ready for I am with child.”

Mattie planned to work until a month before the child was to be born and would return back to work after two months.  She had the best nannies in Marti and Marie, and she had setup an office in her home to work out of.

William was beginning to do well as a lawyer and the future looked bright for them.

This young woman had traveled through the pitfalls of starting out in a small country town, barefoot, and wearing hand me down clothes to become a successful business woman with an adoring husband and loving family.

It was a rags to riches story in a real life.

The end

A new story begins soon. 
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