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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

THE ROMANI Chapter 9

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Marcie wasn't dumb, she knew there was something amiss but she held her tongue until they got back to school.

Marcie went to Lacy's room some time after they had arrived and demanded; “Okay, what’s going on?  Did Mark object to your date or was it something else?”

Lacy said, “No everything is alright.” Marcie persisted and said; “You are hiding something - - did you and you date - -“  Lacy cut her off there and said, “Absolutely not.”  

Marcie continued saying, “You might as well tell me because I won't stop until you do. We sisters shouldn't have any secrets from each other because we are all the family we have, except for Mark and he is like a brother.”

“Yea, brother!!” Lacy replied. “Let me tell you about your brother.”

Then she related everything about her evening, and about the wrestling match she had with her date, and then how she was kissed by Mark when he comforted her.

Marcie said; “Wow, I wish it had been me instead of you for I would have kissed him right back, and told him to take a three year sea voyage. Then when he got back I would be old enough for us to get married.”

Lacy asked, “Why a three year voyage?”

Marcie laughed and said, “I couldn't have stood it if he was within reaching distance and it was hands off.”  

Lacy told her, “You must be out of your mind thinking like that about Mark.”  

Marcie replied; “Stop and consider this about him, isn't he everything a sane girl could want?  He's pretty, rich, smart, loving, totally loyal and that would be good enough for me.   If you can’t see that you must be blind.”
Marcie began to weep as between tears she went on to say, “If you don't want him I'm going to make him wait for me, because I do.”

After Marcie returned to her room, Lacy was still trying to come up with reasons to be mad at Mark and it became more difficult as she thought on it. Something about the way he had held her, and the passion he kissed with began to over rule her reasons to be angry.  

She thought about the things Marcie had said and realized that she had to agree with her.  She had never thought about Mark making love to her but then, why not?  As she thought about his kiss, there was something real and genuine about it that was missing from the other boy’s kisses.  

She realized that if she had not been so furious with her date and had not been so surprised by Mark kissing her like that she would have liked it.
Lacy continued to think about him kissing her and something began to stir within her and she began to feel different about him.  

She had loved him for what he had done for her and how he treated her but now she began to see him as her lover. The more she tried to resist these feelings the more she felt them.  

She replayed the event as it happened in her mind - - how he had comforted her and then everything changed as he drew her tight to him and kissed her and then her reaction.

She wondered if the way she had reacted to his kiss would have turned him off to the point he would no longer desire her - - and would it return to the big brother relationship as before only with reluctance?

To be Continued.


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