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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Resting by the Creek
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After Jake and Walt finished their dinner Jake told Walt to go down to the river and get some rest because he must still be feeling the effects of their trip home.   Jake said, “Here, take this jug of sipping cider cause it will refresh you while you rest.”  

So Walt did as Jake suggested and lay down on the river bank and watched the river flow slowly by. While he lay there he thought about stripping off and taking a bath for he could smell himself and it was pretty horrible.

Meanwhile the girls were busy as mama gathered them around and gave them some instructions.   
She told the girls, “You amble down to where Walter is laying and causally start wading in the shallows so as he could see you and pull your skirts up above the knees so they won't get wet. Don't raise them too high or it will embarrass him. Then out of the corner of your eye watch and see if he shows any interest. Be sure to giggle and frolic around a bit and then just slowly amble on back to the house.”

Showing knees
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The girls did exactly as mama told them plus a little bit more, and without speaking to him they came up out of the water with their knees still showing and didn't drop their skirts until they were well past him.  
Walt sat there motionless except he took a few more swigs on the cider because what he had seen made his mouth get dry.  He pretended to not notice the girls but he had began to sweat and felt that the beads running down his brow might have given him away.  
All of a sudden he wanted to marry all of them but as the afternoon gave away to evening the urge left him.

Walter was alerted to stop the day dreaming when the supper bell rang and he headed back to the house where the table was spread with some fine vittles.  Jake always said a blessing over the food before they ate unless they were really hungry then he would say, “Thanks,” after they had satisfied their hunger.  Jake's prayer was simple; “Bless these vittles and bless the men who marry these girls.”

At the supper table no one said anything except; pass me this and that after which the men went into the parlor and said very little. The ladies joined them and did knitting or darned some sox but still there was little conversation.  

Finally Walt excused himself and said he would like to go to bed and everyone said goodnight to him. As the family sat in the parlor each with their own thoughts and as they evaluated their part during the day and they each questioned their actions.  
Jake wondered if he did the right thing sending Walt to the river with the sipping cider. It wasn't hard cider but it was lively enough to relieve the stress of the day.  

Mama wondered if telling the girls to show their knees was the right thing to do.
And the girls giggled as they remembered the day and wondered if tomorrow would be as much fun. Having a prospective suitor had raised their hopes for the future.

The lights were turned out and each of them went to sleep still thinking about the day. In the morning both Jake and mama pledged to themselves to be careful and not do the wrong thing today. As for the girls they were excited and were looking forward to some real interaction with Jake.   
To be Continued  

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