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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, October 29, 2012

My Tormenter (Repost)


In a past blog I spoke of my early experiences as a rot tot, and going to school the first year.

Something I didn't mention was, where this was, which was in North Carolina. Having been born in Tennessee, and lived all over the south it was good to finally settle down in a town, and have a house to live in.

I had an aunt who moved in with us, whose name was Minnie Hazel. She was an awful tease, and appointed herself my personal tormentor.

Early on, I was a private person who wanted to have secrets. Alas, she would find out about everything I had going, then she would tease me, to the point of torment, and I could hardly stand it.

Before she came to live with us, I had a friend I played with everyday, and she happened to be a girl. After my Aunt’s arrival, she started teasing me, about having a girl friend. I tried to not let her teasing affect my relationship with Lizzey, and In spite of Aunt Minnie we kept on playing together. The emphasis on boy, and girl by my aunt, pointed to the fact there were differences in us.

I decided to try to find out what the differences were. Things that weren't so noticeable before, all a sudden began to stand out, like her hair was longer than mine, and she wore dresses, and I wore pants. As I became more and more curious, I decided I should see more of her, and I suggested we play a new game called “doctor.”

She liked that idea very much with no convincing at all. It was decided that I would be the doctor and she would be a patient. I started my examination of her, and boy was I surprised - - - I didn't have any sisters so this was a new education for me.

Just as I was proceeding with my exploration, Aunt Minnie Hazel showed up and we were caught with our pants down.

The tormenting started, she made sure everyone knew, including Lizzey’s mother, that she had caught us. Life was miserable; I couldn't play with Lizzey for several days because I was a pervert.

I was daily reminded of the evil I had done. After awhile with much repenting, and declaring that, “I won’t do that anymore,” we were allowed to play together again.

Since I was only five, I didn't need to register as a sex offender, because everyone already knew about it.

Needless to say my career as a doctor was over, at least for a few years, when I later resumed my practice.

Be sure your sin will find you out!  - -  Especially if you have an Aunt Minnie Hazel.

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