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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

THE ROMANI Chapter 3

Thinking about a Plan

Mark requested from his mother his birth date and town of birth.  She asked why he wanted to know those things, and why did he need them.  

He answered, “I am dealing with businessmen who require them in order to engage into contracts with me.  It isn't enough to just be there I have to establish some sort of background even if I have to embellish it somewhat.  I must have a date of birth and city.”

She finally relented after seeing his resolve and told him all he had asked for.  He now knew he would soon be seventeen and where to go to get the rest of the information he wanted.

When he arrived at the hospital where he was born, they told him they had no record of him.  There were only three babies born that day, two were girls and one, a boy had been kidnapped and was never found.

After much haggling and threatening to go to the authorities they relented and gave him the complete information he wanted.   It seemed the boy's birth mother was named Bridget Olsen from Oslo.

Mark's mind was working overtime for a lot of things were all of a sudden coming into focus.  Could it be that he was the child who was kidnapped?

He knew that the Romani would never reveal what he wanted to know but there was a man who had done a lot on business with them years ago and he might have heard something he would be willing to share with him.

The man had retired but after searching diligently, Mark finally found him.

Explaining the whole situation to the man, Mark asked if he had heard anything concerning his birth.  

Reluctantly the man began to tell him of a rumor he heard of how a woman's child was born dead, and then all of a sudden she had a healthy boy baby.
He said that was all he knew and he swore Mark to never tell anyone what he had revealed for fear of retribution.

Mark decided he had all the information he needed.  

He was an Olsen and had been kidnapped and raised by a woman he called “mother” all his life.

Even knowing this he still loved her, for no one could have loved and cared for him more than she did.  

The one thing his Romani training taught him was to quickly move on past a present setback.  He didn't like to have his plans interrupted yet at the same time he wanted to pursue this information he had just acquired.

Mark decided to hire an investigator to follow up concerning his possible birth mother and he continued to close the deals he was working on. The one thing that was settled in his mind was; he would never see any of the Romani clan again for they had interrupted what should have been his life.

It was going to be necessary to leave his French villa and spend some time in London for he planned to do some critical investing there and he would need a clear mind to do so.  

He had a couple of days before his talks began so he spent some time sight seeing. Instead of the normal tourist sights he chose to go to where some borderline unsavory characters might be.  Since he was raised among characters like these he wasn't bothered by being there. He felt it would sharpen his wits for being among seedy individuals always created a feeling of apprehension.

He had been associating among the upper class where he perhaps had lost his edge in self preservation. This would tell him something about where he stood mentality before he tackled some hard negotiations.  
It wasn't long before he was getting the intimidating looks like he grew up with from the locals, and he moved on without giving them the fearful look they desired. 

Suddenly a young girl began to cling to him begging for some food, and he immediately grabbed for his wallet and seized a hand that was holding it. He quickly twisted the arm of the person who was attempting to steal his money and down on their knees they went.

This was they way he had lifted many purses from unsuspecting marks in his earlier years with the Romani.  Usually a young child would create a distraction, and make it easy to take their goods.  
Mark retrieved his wallet and let the thief up and it was a girl just a little younger than him. The younger one was trying to fight him to help her sister so he told her to stop it or he would cut off her ears.  That stopped her immediately.   - - 

To be Continued       
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