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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, October 5, 2012


Country Living
Walter had been living with the Mayberry family for a week and he had helped Jake with some of the field work. Jake thought with a little pushing the young man could turn out to be a fair work hand.

They were on good speaking terms and Walt had shared several things with him about his relatives back home. Jake had some good hunting dogs and so they went hunting a couple of times and got some squirrels for supper.

You must remember that Jake didn't bring Walt down to his place for good company even though they were getting along pretty well.  He had in mind a son-in-law named Mayberry for one of his four girls.  He preferred to get the oldest married first and then work his way down to the youngest but he was willing to let the suitor do the choosing.

The two men had talked about everything except marriage and Jake avoided it for he didn't want to pressure Walter until he had become comfortable living there.  Finally he decided to broach the subject and try to get it settled one way or the other for he had crops to get in.

The next evening after a good supper, and a bit of the cider, Jake and Walt were feeling relaxed and went into the parlor with the wife and oldest daughter Sarah.

They talked about nothing for a little while and then Jake reminded Walt, “You know the reason I brought you down here don't you?”  Walt just sat there not saying anything for a while with everyone staring at him and he finally spoke saying: "I guess so."

Because of the good eats he had been hoping this moment would never come but he feared it would and felt he might as well get it over with.  He stared across the room at Sarah and thought, she is the oldest. I would rather have the next to the youngest if I was going to chose one. It was as if Jake could read Walt's mind for he said it is true that Sarah is the oldest but look at this way: "she is unused and is still new."  It isn't like she had been married and had done what married people do; besides twenty isn't old when you compare it to old folks who are eighty.  

At this point Walter wasn't talking but had started to sweat and smell a little.  Jake knew that he had to close this deal for it would be the only chance he would have to land him. He quickly began to extol the virtues and abilities of Sarah and how she would be the prefect fit for him. Walt started to say something and Jake cut him off not wanting to hear it for feared it would be something he didn't want to hear. He felt he might be losing him so he said that it was up to him to do the choosing but there was several things he should consider. 

Jake knew this was his last opportunity to sell Walt on marrying one of the girls so he played the big card he had been saving for this moment.  He knew if this didn't close the deal it was over, and Walt would head back home and none of the other young Mayberry's would consider coming down to visit.

This was it, his wife knew what was coming, Sarah knew it was make it or break it time and they held their breathe just hoping.   
To be Continued

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