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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, October 26, 2012


Mrs. Martin's Nice Old House
Pa Mays was a quiet and gentle man unless you bothered one of his girls. He had wanted some boys of his own, but ended up with three girls and he loved them every one. He was enraged when Mattie was accosted by those two thugs and all the neighbors were along were with him.  He was a hand’s off of my girls papa.

Mattie was finished with all the schooling she could get in Samsville and would now it required her to go to the big town for further education. It was too far away to go back and forth so she needed a place to stay in the big city.  
One of the town’s ladies, who was more uppity by the name of Smith, knew a well off lady in the big town, and she asked the lady if she would like Mattie to come and stay with her while Mattie finished her schooling.

The lady, Mrs. Martin wanted to meet Mattie before she made her decision so Mrs. Smith went with Mattie to meet Mrs. Martin. It was an exceptional house with fine tapestry and pictures on the wall of rich looking people.

Mattie was uneasy when she entered the room where the butler led them. She thought she was in a museum instead of a home.

She really thought she was out of place as she met Mrs. Martin who was seated at a small table. As she told Mattie to sit down, a maid brought some tea and cakes and she poured a cup for them.

Mattie was afraid to move for fear of doing the wrong thing   Mrs. Martin spoke and said, “So, you want to come and stay with me do you?”  Mattie has been taught some manners in her last year of schooling in Samsville so she nervously said; “Only if it would please you.”  

The lady looked her over and sized her up from top to bottom and saw all she needed to see and said, "You can come Monday of next week and don't bring anything but what you have on."

Mattie thought I can't wear the same dress every day the other kids will make fun of me. Nevertheless she did as she was told and showed up empty handed.  

Mattie hesitantly asked what her chores would be and would she sleep in the big house. Mrs. Martin thought to herself; “How far back in the woods did this girl come from?”  
Mrs. Martin didn't let on what she was thinking and said, “The maid will show you to your room and where you can bathe and change your clothes using the ones you will find in your closet.”

Mattie thought since this was her best dress maybe it was too nice to be wearing. The maid said, “You won't need that dress as long as you are here so I will take it, wash it and you can put it away.”
Girls room and closet
Courtesy photobucket

The maid told Mattie that she wasn't her maid, but would help her find where everything was.  

As they went through the drawers there were some things Mattie had never seen before, and was embarrassed to ask the maid what they were - - and where they went, but the maid saw her confused look and explained each item, and how to wear or how to use it.

Then the maid showed her how the bath worked and where the towels were and why the different sizes.

Mattie looked at all the stuff she could wear and thought about how at home it was, one towel, shoes, sox, stepins, dress and a coat if it was cold.

As she took her bath she thought to herself, “I guess I will get used to it and that perfume sure smells good.”   
To be Continued 

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