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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

THE ROMANI Chapter 5

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Homeward bound;

It was time to return to the French Villa.  Mark had gotten all the paper work done and secured passports for the girls. What documentation he didn't have, he forged declaring the girls to be his legal wards.  

He had alerted the small staff at the villa of his return and all was ready. The girls were excited running from room to room trying to pick out the one they wanted.  

A tutor had been arranged for, to instruct the girls so they could catch up to where their age level should be.  Mark also had a French teacher assist them to become somewhat fluent in the French language which was a necessity since they lived in France.

The detective Mark had hired to find his birth mother gave him a through report concerning the woman Mark thought may have been his birth mother.  As it turned out, she was indeed, Marks mother.  His father had died and his mother had remarried, and had a second family by her new husband.

Just hearing this made him feel like an outsider that didn't belong with them.

As he pondered this he gazed at a picture of his mother and thought to himself, “She looks more Swedish than I do.”   

Thoughts went over and over in his mind, “What to do, what to do?”  Finally he came to the decision to not disturb the family situation his mother was in now.  She had moved on, and for Mark to try to fit in wasn't possible.

The one thing he did desire was to actually see her in person within her environment.  
Grocery Shopping
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The detective took him to the store where she shopped and there she was carefully picking through the produce like a mother should.

As he thought back to what had been denied her of the opportunity to give him a mothers love for her firstborn, he realized there was no way that could be remedied now.  It would only deepen her remorse for missing out on that.

He took one last look at her and knew he would never be the person he could have been had he experienced her nature and loving care.

This only brought attention to the young ones in his care.  He asked himself; “What have I gotten myself into?” The answer lay in the reason he rescued these girls, not in the fact he did.

Two years passed. He was far more successful financially than he could have imagined, and the girls were in school doing well.  Lacy wanted to take the Olson name as Mark had done and so did Marcie.  

Lacy was eighteen and a debutant.  Unfortunately she was extremely beautiful.  Men were attracted to her like bees to honey.  Many of them were much older than Mark, and they tried to talk down to him as their inferior.

Sometimes it amused Mark, and on occasion he rather harshly called them on their haughty manner.  Marcie was now twelve-teen for she thought she was much older than she was.  At times it took both Mark and Lacy to settle her down, as her hormonal thrusters were at full power.

Mark had put one aspect of his life on hold due to all of the complications he had faced. It was a long list that he had pretty well worked through it, and now at twenty one it was time to resume being normal again.  

Girls were constantly flirting with him and he was starting to respond to them.

This was something new for Lacy and Marcie for Mark to be exposed to the wiles of these hungry women.  Immediately they became protective of him because they knew of the dangers he faced.  They would give him warnings when he left for a date and a questioning when he returned.  

As far as they were concerned the only females he could trust were the two of them.   

To be Continued    


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