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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Wedding at the Ranch
The wedding was tomorrow so Jake told Walt's brothers to get aquatinted with the girls a little better and go for walks and talk about things. He also suggested that they sit in the parlor in the evening and see if they had some feelings for either of the girls.

Mama wouldn't let the thirteen year old youngest be considered for marriage until she was a little older. The other girls were age fifteen and eighteen and she thought it would be okay for them if they wanted to.

The next day guests started to arrive about ten and the wedding was scheduled for eleven. It wouldn't take very long for that and the dinner would be ready at twelve. Jake thought the chicken population must have suffered because of this wedding for everyone brought a basket full of fried chicken. There was chicken, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and several kinds of vegetables along with apple and berry pies and cake. People ate until they were stuffed.

The dancing began with just music until people's stomachs settled and then the dancing began in earnest. When people got overheated there was some sipping cider available.

Everyone was generous with their gifts.  There were so many items of bedding, even a feather topper for their bed.  One man who was a carpenter built them a cradle and promised to make a crib when they needed it. As the afternoon wore on everyone left at four because they had to get home and tend to their stock.
Wedded Bliss

The day was a success, Sarah was married and in her new house, Walt's brothers hung around with the two girls all day. Jake finally had some peace about the whole event and mama was already thinking about grandchildren.

Walt and Sarah never showed up the next day and everybody decided to not bother them.

Jake cornered Walter’s two brothers and told them that when the other girls got married they would get the same dowry as Sarah did, fifty acres, some bottom land and a new house.  Then the big question, do either one of you want one of my girls?  The oldest boy said that he wanted to get hitched to Margie. He said he talked it over with her and she agreed to marry him.

Then the younger brother spoke up and said he wanted to marry Mary the fifteen year old.  
Jake said; if she will have you, her mama wants her to wait one year until she is sixteen and during the year you can work for me and clear some of the land I'm gonna give you and her. We can also start to build your house after we finish Margie's. If everybody agrees then you boys can continue to take your meals in the house and I'll fix up a place in the barn for sleeping.

That night Jake said to mama, it looks like we have three girls taken and they will all be Mayberry's still.  
Our youngest is still only thirteen and we have plenty of time to find her a husband. There are a couple more Mayberry boys that will be marrying age in three or four years.  I will keep them in mind as future prospects for her.   

* * * * *  The end  * * * * *

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