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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Preacher with Big Bible
This new self proclaimed preacher got everybody's attention and they all wanted to hear him talk. He said he was sent to Samsville to do great things.

He asked where he could minister and was told he could use the school house. He said that would be fine but he needed a small platform so everyone could see.

Pa Mays said he had a few boards behind the feed store, and he could get some nails and a saw from the blacksmith. By the after noon the preacher had built a small platform and a makeshift pulpit to put his Bible on.  It was built so it could be moved and not interfere with the school teacher and her class.

The night came and the place was packed inside, the windows were opened so the people that couldn't get in could hear from the outside. The people were waiting and in came the preacher with the largest Bible they had ever seen and he was carrying a burlap sack.

It was then and there that the people was convinced that with a Bible that big he must be a great preacher. A couple of men with guitars were there at the preachers request and he began to lead some old hymns that everyone knew and it wasn't long until the people were into it.   

He opened the Bible and started in Genesis, he was loud and he was soft and when he got to the gospels he came to Mark 16:18  They will take up snakes, and if there is poison in their drink, it will do them no evil; they will put their hands on those who are ill, and they will get well.
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And with that he grabbed that burlap sack and dumped out a dozen rattlers and copperheads.

Now I want to be accurate on this next part of the story but as best I can remember, Pa Mays said, the guitar players busted their instruments but got a couple of rattlers, and yelled, “them ain't going to hurt me,” as they jumped out the back door.  

Most of the crowd rushed through the main door though it was knocked off with the first bunch through it. Many found that the windows made an excellent exit when one was in a hurry.

All and all it took a full thirty seconds to empty the place. And everyone had enough religion for one night.

The preacher saw that there wasn't enough faith in this place so he must have got a call somewhere else for he left during the night and wasn't seen again.

Although there was a man that came through and mentioned a similar happening in the next county over. The people were a little disappointed that the service didn't go as well as they hoped but went on as scheduled with dinner on the grounds after Pa Mays read some scripture and prayed they ate.   
To be Continued

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