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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

THE ROMANI Chapter 10 ending

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It had been several weeks since Mark had moved out of the Villa and needless to say he was missing both Marcie and Lacy.

He was even missing the staff and the dog that claimed to live there.

He thought back over his life from the time he was kidnapped by the Romani, until he left them and became a business man.  From the time he found the girls and their life together until the present.  

He hadn't been in contact with the girls for they were busy getting ready for graduation day or he hoped that was the reason they hadn't written or contacted him.

He was still bothered greatly by the last time he was with Lacy and had come to the conclusion he should write her and apologize for his conduct.

Dear Lacy,

I hope that you will forgive me for taking advantage of a moment when you were distressed. I fear I made matters worse and I have regretted the part I was involved in. Since I have always been totally honest with you I feel I should be honest with you now.  While I regret what I did, I do not regret why I did it.  I found myself completely in love with you, and just couldn't restrain myself any longer.  Had I known how much it would hurt, I surely would not have done it.

It was for a moment that I allowed my true feelings to surface and I am sorry for the doing, but not wanting to.  When kissing some other women it was like kissing a wall, but when I kissed you there was something that came alive in me.  I have envisioned you being my wife for life but I now see that was just a dream. These are my honest feelings for you and I thought you should know why I acted presumptuously without considering your feelings. Once I ask you to forgive me!

As is often the case Marcie got the mail first, and as was her custom (though often threatened) she opened Lacy's letter from Mark.  As Marcie was reading it she said to Lacy; “Boy, has he got the hots for you.”  
Lacy snatched the letter from her and she read its pages over several times, while Marcie kept giving her expert opinion on what she should do.

One of  Marcie’s statements was, you should marry him and later if he wants two wives I will also marry him and we can be wives-in-law.  Lacy had all the nonsense she could handle from Marcie and escorted her out of her room.

This Lacy was a different person from the one who was repelled by Mark kissing her.  She held the letter to her breast as she became watery-eyed.

All these weeks without any contact with Mark had been long, lonely and tedious.  She had never known how much he meant to her until this time apart.  It took several hours for her composure to return but when it did, resolve had set in and she felt authoritative as she sat and wrote Mark.

Dear Mark,

I am in receipt of your letter and this is to inform you that I get out of school in two weeks and we will be married at the Villa the next day.  I hope this meets with your approval, and if so, please make the arrangements for a honeymoon in the United States.  I have ordered my "White" wedding dress and trousseau in anticipation of you saying, yes.  What is your pleasure in this matter, please respond?

Mark answered by writing one word in bold letters; Whoopee! The next two weeks were the longest in the history of mankind.

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The day arrived and Mark had not seen Lacy since before they left for school and it was time for the wedding to start. The thought flashed through his mind maybe she isn't here, then the music started so he hustled down to the altar that had been set up, and waited.
Then the music finally got to the part where it played, "Here comes the bride"

Beautiful Lacy began the march down the aisle and reached out for his hand.

Well I would like to tell you they lived happily ever after, and they did, except for a few minor disagreements that were soon gone with the wind.

A new continued story begins soon!  Don't miss out!!
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