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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, October 15, 2012

THE ROMANI Chapter 8

What is the Ideal Woman ?
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For the last few months the thought of "What is my opinion of the ideal woman?" was often in his mind.

When he figured it out he was beside himself for his ideal was none other than his eldest ward Lacy.  Every time he thought about it, it was more than he could handle.
He thought. “I have had temporary obsessions before that passed in a few days but this seems to be getting worse.”

Mark went to his office/apartment for a few days and while it made things a bit easier because he immersed himself in the business; when he was alone with his thoughts, back came his ideal woman.

His contacts through out the financial world began to worry about the economic direction, and as Mark looked into it he decided to divest himself of all of his stocks, and much of his real estate holdings and go into precious metals.

Mark made his purchased from a corporation who had assets in Switzerland and gold that was kept in the vaults there.  He did this because he knew that to even talk about these kinds of problems could cause a panic and the market to plunge.

Once this was settled he returned to the Villa and to the girls who were scheduled to return to school in a couple of days.  Lacy had already graduated but was now taking studies in finance.  Mark tried to control his emotions when around Lacy talking about non-essentials but it wasn't easy.

He wondered what can I say, how would she react? His answer that came up was to get over it, and that was his plan.  Lacy had a date tonight and Marcie was taking advantage of no school and no homework just lolling around.

Mark took advantage of the quietness and was catching up on some reading. A couple hours later Lacy came in and was very upset, Mark thought the date must not have went well.  She came in and plopped down next to Mark and began to rant about her date and how he tried to force himself on her.    

She began to weep tears of anger, mad one second and crying the next.

As she was clinging to Mark he pulled her closer and kissed her with all the passion that had been stored up in him for weeks.

He had often given the girls a hug and a kiss on the cheek when they were separating for a while but this was something completely different and Lacy knew it.  She had been kissed by boys before and knew how serious they were.  

Realizing what he had done Mark released her, but she just stared at him, saying nothing, just got up and went to her room.

Mark was distraught, how could I have done such a thing, he was trying to beat himself up, but the feelings of the what happened, the closeness, the kiss made it difficult to do.  

Grasping at what he had done, he couldn't face her so he left and went to the apartment where he could be alone with his thoughts.  He kept rehearsing what had happened over and over.

Lacy told Marcie to pack her things because they were leaving for school early, and would have some time before school started to visit around.

Complaining, Marcie said; “I don't see why we have to go early I was going to shop tomorrow.”  Without given a further reason, Lacy said,”Just get packed we are leaving now.”

Mark was alone with thoughts he wished he didn't have, and trying to figure out what to do next.  Both girls had been so close every since he rescued them from their captors, and now all that was over because in a moment when Lacy was vulnerable he expressed how he had come to feel about her.

It was time for damage control but his feelings were not going to change and he suspected hers would not either.   

To be Continued   


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