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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, October 27, 2012



After getting dressed in the plainest dress in "her" closet Mattie decided to go downstairs and try to find her way around the house.  It was far bigger than she first thought.   
She ended up in the kitchen and struck up a conversation with the cook and her helper. She was getting hungry so she asked what was for supper. They asked her what would like, of course we have some basics already cooked like baked sweet potatoes, some greens and bread ready to go in the oven.

Mrs. Martin wants some fried chicken but you could have something else if you wanted. We have some fresh catfish and we could get a ham from the smoke house. Mattie stopped her and said fried chicken would be just fine for me.  

All the while Mattie thought to herself; "Fried chicken and it isn't even Sunday!"

As she left the kitchen she thought I will be spending a lot of time in there. Mattie continued her tour and found Mrs. Martin in the sun room dozing off while enjoying the evening breeze.  
Mrs. Martin stirred and asked how she was getting settled in and if there was anything she needed.   Mattie said, “The only thing I think I need is a little time to adjust to the difference in living here and living at home.”  

Mrs. Martin answered her and said; “of course, I understand that and that is to be expected.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for you, in the morning after breakfast I will explain many things to you about the change you have made and what will be required of you.” 

Mattie asked her, “Do you mean the chores that I'm expected to do?”  
Mrs. Martin answered, “No, not chores, I mean conduct and decorum and societal expectations along with acceptance.”

The first thing that came to Mattie's mind was; whats wrong with me the way I am!  Mrs. Martin perceived what Mattie was thinking and told her, “Don't worry about it.
In new environments certain adjustments have to be made. If I moved to where you have lived I would have to meet new expectations of that community.”

Mattie understood what she was saying for Mrs. Martin would have to make a lot of changes in order to be accepted in Samsville.  
After a good supper Mrs. Martin wanted Mattie to read to her for awhile and said her eyes get tired quickly so perhaps she could read to her every night.  Since Mattie liked to read she was okay with that. 

“Tomorrow,” Mrs. Martin said, “After breakfast we will talk and then Marie the maid will teach you about cleanliness or what has become known as personal hygiene.  
In the society you will be thrust into there are certain mores that are the norm and once they find out where you come from you will be examined and tested to see if there is something about you they can exploit.”

“You have no doubt heard the expression ‘dog eat dog’ haven't you?”

Mattie said “Yes.”  Mrs. Martin continued, “What does that mean to you then?”  Mattie answered; “It means you try to get the advantage by putting someone down.”
Mrs. Martin said, “That's exactly what it means in that context and those you will be facing are experts in doing just that.”   
To be Continued    

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