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Monday, October 8, 2012


Ruled by the King
 Avarim was a young Jewish boy who belonged to the tribe of Simeon.  He lived in the time of the great king Solomon, and knew the stories of Solomon's greatness and the loss of this greatness by his heirs.

Avarim worked at his father's trade in the tanning shop. The hours were long and the stench could be overpowering at times, yet he was proud of the new King Solomon who promised great things.

Solomon was a man of big ideas and aspired to do mighty things but knew that he would be defeated in doing them because of the life styles of the people.   He sought to alleviate this by praying;

2Cronicles 6:24-25 "Sometimes your people Israel will sin against you, and their enemies will defeat them. Then the people will come back to you and praise you. They will pray to you in this Temple. In heaven, please listen to the prayers of your people Israel. Forgive them for their sins and let them have their land again. You gave this land to their ancestors.

While the people rejected the idea that their sin was the cause of all the trouble came upon them, Solomon knew otherwise. The people would not concede that their life style had anything to do with the success their enemies had against them.

Over time Solomon grew weary of the people's conduct but still interceded;

2 Chronicles 6:36 "Your people will sin against you. I know this because everyone sins. And you will be angry with your people. You will let their enemies defeat them. Their enemies will make them prisoners and carry them to some faraway land.

The people ridiculed the prophets when they spoke up against their lifestyle and some said there is no GOD. Others said god likes they way we act and we are pleasing to him.

Solomon's resolve to be faithful to God and the people weakened as his advisors came up with new ways to tax the people.  Solomon promised great prosperity to the people but his promises required him to tax the people and take their livelihood from them to pay for his excesses and big ideas.

He bought friends that were foreigners and enriched them but had nothing but disdain for the peoples objections.  He gave the people things they did not want and raised their taxes to a greater level. He plied class against class to divert attention from his excesses and upheld his righteousness continually.

Avarim and his family suffered much at the hands of the “king,” while the dependent masses declared him to be great.  They were pawns without hope of change. Solomon welcomed new religions and gave them equality with the one true God, all to the dismay of the true worshippers of the true GOD, the GREAT "I AM."

The day finally came when the nation fell and was taken into bondage.   

Avarim and his family dearly paid the price because of a leader who was not completely sold out to GOD.

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