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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

THE ROMANI chapter 7

Imagination - Where to find a Wife?
Mark had his fill of dating the women that were available within his immediate circle.  

He shouldn't have done it, but he bought some magazines that specialized in lonely hearts. The ads in many cases were too explicit for Mark's taste and some wanted to know your financial condition. No, the answer wasn't to be found there.

It seemed that everywhere you looked, you could view people who had played the game and lost and wanted someone else to pick up the pieces.

He had a couple other dates with nice women, but they didn't connect which made Mark wonder just what was he looking for in a woman.

Eventually he had tired of this chasing and decided to take a trip to Spain and Greece and then decide if he wanted to go elsewhere. The girls didn't want to go with him for they had their summer all planned.  Lacy was an adult now and Marcie was thirteen, but they had the staff to watch over them and he brought their French teacher in to be there with them and chat about things (mostly boys) of interest to them.

Off he went, and as soon as he boarded the train he started to worry about the girls.  
First he went to Barcelona, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea, where the climate is mild.  Mark enjoyed talking to the natives, many of which claim to have been there for many generations.

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In particular he enjoyed the Barcelona Cabarets, the music and the dancing girls were very stimulating causing him to return there night after night.  He drank several orange and lemon drinks for he had to buy something.  On occasion the waiter would slip a little vodka in his juice and he would feel woozy going home. The women were lively and most attractive.  
He wondered how the girls would react if he brought one of them home as a wife, and had her take over, running the household.  He thought he knew the answer to that and besides, just how do you describe those most desirable women?  Let's just say they were a little too spicy for him.
It was onward to Greece, but he soon tired of the food and decided it was time to go home.  Catching a ship at the port of Corinth, Mark settled back to enjoy the trip home. The voyage home was delightful.  Good food, music and the company of friendly people.

While relaxing on the deck of the ship the thought kept coming up; "Exactly what do I want in a woman?"   In his mind he listed all the qualities he desired, and went over them to make sure it was complete.  He then thought of all the women he dated, and some he knew but never dated and compared them to the list.  One or two came close and on a descending scale he rated the others.

Several times over the next few days he reviewed his list on his journey home with the same results.
Then it occurred that there was one woman he had never considered, and he realized that she met all of his desires in a wife.  He quickly put that thought out of his mind for that was insane.   

To be Continued 

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