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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Miss Mattie speaks her Peace
There were many folks that came to be baptized in the river and professed that they believed. As time went on it appeared that a lot of them only got their spirit saved and their soul (mind, will and emotions,) needed a lot more work

It was like some of the people that the Apostle James was talking to;

James 1:22  Do what God's teaching says; don't just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves.

That summed up as some of the new converts, just wasn't doing what the scripture said to do.

With Mattie it was different, she was a changed girl. There was a desire to help people that she wouldn't have helped before, and she read that old worn bible the preacher gave her every day.

As time went by people started telling her she ought to be doing more and helping more people out.  What was happening was people were being convicted for doing nothing for others themselves. They would gossip about her saying; “If she is this good Christian she claims to be she would be doing this and that.”  

When they would meet her on the road they would just come right out and say that very thing; “If you are a good Christian why aren't helping the widow so and so?”   They couldn't stand for her showing them up.

Once a month the families would have dinner at the school house and several scriptures would be read.  If anyone wanted to read one and comment on it that was good too.  

Mattie got up and read about how Jacob had wronged his brother and stole his birthright and the patriarch's blessing that was coming to Esau. She then said; “I must ask for forgiveness from all of you for I, like Jacob have robbed you of your birthright because I have been doing what you have the birthright to do which is to go and help your neighbors.”

Mattie continued, “I have done what I know that you will do in the future.  Further I have robbed you of your reward for giving of yourselves to others and from now on I will depend upon you to fulfill your responsibilities before GOD and take care of those you know are in need.  Some of you have came to me and told me to go and help some needy person but now when you hear of a need it will  be up to you whether you obey GOD or not for when he sends you information it is your responsibility and not mine or others.”

There was a hush as she sat down, and after that no one else had anything to say.  Some left without eating dinner and went home with forgiveness in their heart? After that there wasn't any more gossip about Mattie's good works.

Most people were good people in and around Samsville but as you can expect there were a few rotten apples in the barrel. There was a family not too far from Pa Mays house who were mean, actually extremely mean. They were mean to people and to animals.
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Mattie had been cutting up some quilt squares at the widow’s house that were going to be sewn into a quilt the next day.  As she was headed for home, two of these mean boys who were almost grown blocked Mattie's path. They started making fun of her, and then started talking vulgar to her began to physically restrain her from passing.

One of them got behind her and was holding her arms while the other tore off her under garments. She started to scream, and the one who held her arms released one of them and covered her mouth. They continued to taunt her saying things like; you ain't going be Miss Goody, goody after we get through with you while they fondled her.

Mattie managed to reach into her apron pocket and get her scissors and quickly stabbed the one who was covering her mouth in his knee. He fell to the ground screaming in pain. The other one stood there shocked while Mattie ran as fast as she could leaving her scissors in the thug’s knee. She knew if she could get near home she would be safe for the dogs would protect her.

Momma went immediately and told Pa Mays and sixty minutes later there was a large group of men with guns at the home of the boys.
They went through the house gathering the guns in the house and said; “You have one hour to pack up and leave the county because in one hour this house will be burned to the ground and everything in it.

The boy’s dad tried to protest but a gun butt slammed into his mouth seem to quiet him down. At the end of one hour the town folk set the house on fire even though there were still some things in there.

As the mean family left town they were given this warning; should you ever be seen in this county again your bones will be picked by the buzzards.

To be Continued   

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