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Monday, October 29, 2012


School Begins
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For Mattie this had been the most interesting morning she could remember.

She had been told how to function in this new society she was entering into.

It seemed overwhelming for it was a wholesale change in everything she did. Mrs. Martin assured her that it would become natural to her in a few days.
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Meanwhile they went downtown to a bank Mrs. Martin owned and she introduced Mattie to several people in high finance, and other business people with whom she did business with.

She told Mattie it was important for people to know of their close relationship so they would respect her as the ward of Mrs. Martin. It was important to give Mattie the same aura as Mrs. Martin had, and this was the start of it.

Mrs. Martin knew Mattie would be going to school with the children of some of these business associates, and that she was expected to be treated as Mrs. Martin was treated.

One last thing Mrs. Martin told Mattie was; “I have a lot of both financial and political power in this town and State, and will bring both to bear if anyone mistreats you.  The only thing is, you must be open with me and tell me of any bad conduct leveled against you because when they treat you badly it reflects on me and that I will not stand for.“

The final week passed before school started, Mattie and Mrs. Martin had visited the school and met with the teachers, and Mrs. Martin let them know Mattie would have to be treated with respect, and not as someone who came from Samsville.

It was Monday morning and the first day of school, everyone was dressed in the school uniform, and to some extent they all looked the same to Mattie.  She found her first class room, and took the seat she liked as the talkative girls poured in. 

Lastly the teacher came in and after a couple of “ahem,” the class got quiet. The teacher wrote her name on the board, Miss Smith.  She didn't write her first name due to the familiarity it would bring.  
Miss Smith was about average looking, in fact everything about her was average, except she was thirty years old.  She had a chain around her neck which held her glasses that she only wore when reading.   Today’s class was mostly about what she was going to teach during the year.  

Then she gave out seating assignments, she wanted everyone to sit in the same seat every day so as to make it easier to remember each students name.  

At lunch time one of the girls left a group she was with and came over and said; “Hello, you must be the girl Mrs. Martin took in.”  Mattie just nodded for she didn't know which way this conversation was headed.  The girl then asked, “Is your family poor and is that the reason she felt sorry for you?”  

Many things to say went through Mattie's mind, but she remembered what Mrs. Martin had told her; to smile and speak softly so as to make her strain to hear you. So when Mattie answered she did just that.  

Mattie said; “I believe you have asked me two questions, I'll answer both of them. The answer to the first is I am as rich as my auntie is, if you want to know how rich that is you can come home with me and ask her yourself or your father works for the bank she owns you can ask him.

The answer to your second question is; most families have to take what they get when they have children; like your folks did when they had you. In my case auntie had a choice of thousands, and she wanted me above all others.  If you had been one of those thousands I think she would have chosen me instead of you.”

She let her voice trail of on those last few words and looked away.

The girl returned to her group of friends and when they asked, “What did she say;” the girl turned to them and said; “Shut up,” and walked away.

To be Continued

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