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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

THE ROMANI chapter 2

Alone at last!

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Marko, having been rejected and kicked out of the Romani caravan which had been his life and home for all his years, he decided not to do anything rash, so he rented himself a cheap room, and put a good lock on it.  He needed to think and have a plan.

Marko had worked hard for what he had been able to save, and he wasn’t planning on losing it to someone like himself.  After a few weeks he had decided what his plan must be.  

He was discovering himself anew every day for he had been made in the image of a Romani but now a different person was emerging.

He thought about the things he had no aptitude for, like dancing and playing music Romani style.  He could force himself to do the steps but they were foreign to him.

Understanding how the underworld functioned, he easily found people who had the new clothes he needed such as suits of fine material that he took to a tailor they recommended.  There he had them fitted for himself, after which they appeared to have been tailor made.

Finally he discarded his old Romani dress and got a hair cut that was the last link to his former life.
In his studies he had read about manners and how to conduct himself out in society. Using wisdom, he further attended affairs and observed people in action until he felt comfortable among the upper classes.  

Marko knew he would soon have to put this learning into experience for it was time to acquire money without stealing it.

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While young he had been trained in all the gambling arts, and was an excellent card player.  He could win by playing it straight or if necessary by cheating.  Spotting a cheat was very easy for him, and how to turn it to his advantage was his forte.

Little by little he was accepted into the upper class gentry.  He made sure he never won much, and that wasn't easy to do because of their lack of expertise.

Finally he got the game he wanted, there was a "Noble Man" a Duke, who over estimated his ability, and ended up losing a villa he owned along with a sizeable amount of money.

Mark as he now called himself made a big thing of giving all of the Duke's losses back to him, but he refused to accept them just as Mark had hoped. This act didn't go unnoticed by everyone, and they applauded him for his generosity.

The one big issue that Mark had to deal with was he looked too young.  While declaring himself to be over twenty he had to dress somewhat severely to help that image.

Now he was the owner of a villa he had never seen, and when he arrived, he was pleasantly surprised.  There was only a cook and a caretaker on staff due to the disused of the manor.  Wanting to get the place to look presentable Mark had the caretaker bring in enough people to clean up and make it fit to be seen. 

His plan was being put into motion, and by inviting a select group of people each weekend, he gained much information about the stock and bond market.  

After several of these sessions Mark felt it was time to begin investing.  Slowly at first and then in larger amounts, he was doing very well by using what might be called "Insider trading."  While his friends suspected something wasn't right there was not even a hint of impropriety.

When he heard that his former family members were camped outside the city and he decided to go out and see his mother.  Upon arriving he was met with hostility, and it wasn't until his mother came out that he was allowed in.

None of the people he knew would speak to him. The kids he grew up with all fled into their homes and stayed there.  Realizing this visit was a mistake he quickly asked his mother what was his birthday, and where was he born?

To be Continued.   

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