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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 16, 2012


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Though the world has changed, I change not. The facade that those who view me, my form scarcely see.  It is not the real me but only what I wish them to see.

The earth suffers with the ugliness of those who dwell therein; it waits for their demise and groans within.  Only One knows the pain of a universe racked by evil, the peace of Eden driven into the abyss by the author of all evil.

The world, though forgiven still wallows in its sin and rejoices in debauchery, thinking they have power over the inner rot that devours them.

The best of them are the worst of them and seek to be less because of it, how long, how long and why?  Their existence hangs by a slender thread of love that is weakened by their apathy.

Though the sun shines they create darkness for there they think they are hidden from my gaze.  It is the fool who calls darkness light where he gropes for treasure and finds none, like one who suffers from the fever of unreality. He worships the idol of nothingness for that which is, it doesn’t accommodate his perverted will of effigy.

Twice born children have I that do not discern their righteousness and have minds that are void of potential, thinking that lack of perception is an inherent grace. To their voice I give ear, but their foolish speech spawned by lust is far from me.  When will they know me, my majesty that demands their servitude?

How long, how long, when?

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