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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, July 30, 2012


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Being born and raised when the world was a far simpler age I found most things didn't need a manual.

Those were the days when the "Shade tree mechanic" was where we took our car to get fixed if we were too lazy to do it ourselves.

If we wanted to dig, the pick and shovel were not too complicated.  Our horse power came with four legs and bridle reins.

Then comes this age of confusion where everything was powered by gas or electricity and a flood tide of new inventions arrived on the scene.
Now why did we need a machine to wash and dry our clothes? We had a wash tub, a rub board and a clothes line. After all these years the end result is just the same, clean clothes.

As soon as we were shamed into buying the washer and dryer all kinds of problems rose up. Where to put the new gadget?  The power and water and sewer hook ups which cost a pretty penny and to top it of we didn't know how to turn them on.

I went down to the store where we bought them and talked to the salesman and he said I should read the manual. When I asked him what the manual was, he looked at me as if I was crazy. After three months of just looking at them my wife finally kept reading those manuals till she figured out to operate them. Actually after reading them over and over she got a neighbor to come over and show her how they worked.
Chinese Language
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After reading those books once I vowed never to read another one for though I could read most of the words I didn't know what they meant and the pictures didn't help.  To me it was a foreign language!!
Today I try to figure out how new stuff works without reading the instruction for several reasons; some of it is confusion and I have to study it. Another thing is I'm too busy or I'm just too lazy and to do study it, so is an insult to my intelligence.  

Now you may make fun of me but some people do the same thing when it comes to living their lives.

They think they don't need to read 'The Book of Life" to find out how they should live it. They think they can figure it out as they go along or friends will help them. Talk about the blind leading the blind. 
When All Else Fails - Read the Directions
When I look at how some people live I can tell they haven't read the "How to live book" for they have put things together wrong. Seems they are too smart to be dumb enough to get it right or they don't realize that they need the instructions plainly laid out in "The Book" 

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