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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


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Tom was finding out what married life was all about.

He thought he understood what to expect about being married, but soon he discovered it was a whole new world. There is a big difference from standing on the outside and looking in than to have entered the restraints placed upon those who are wed.

To make it more stressful his bride had to deal her own set of problems. Her old friends soon dropped off and she hadn’t been fully accepted by the older married women as of yet. Tom was experiencing the same thing with his old crowd now being isolated from them.

The one positive was they began to cling to one another to push away the loneliness they now experienced.

For Bible reading they started reading in Genesis and several things stood out.  Reading where God decided to make a helpmate for Adam, Tom felt that was a great idea and the part where it said; the two shall become one flesh was exhilarating.  Of course at this stage of marriage he thought that it referred to physical acts alone.

It was some time later he realized the spiritual application of this passage. The time when titillating love grows into a hearts devotion of dedication and caring. A oneness in purpose for life, A melding together where you no longer see two opposites as to being, yet allowing freedom of expression for each a one soul as well as a one flesh existence.

Having seen how others have missed this altogether and the struggle of trying to get “theirs” he determined to avoid this malady.

The next thing that stood out was “be fruitful and multiply.” The very idea of creating a new being was frightening to say the least. It made him stand in awe when looking at his mate. What power our maker has endowed us with to be co-creators with HIM.

In retrospect he realized that he didn’t have a clue as to what the responsibilities were when entering into this pact with GOD.  Even at this age he still is in awe of how complicated parenthood is and wonders if his offspring know what is ahead for them.

Tom realized that he has already passed through several martial phases and is trying to prepare for the next one.

Each step requires changes in his totality, his emotions, his understanding, his physical limitations and growth that is necessary in all these areas. Still Pilgrim Tom is pressing on with trepidation and hope.         
 - - - To be continued

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